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[Saturn Good Lesson] [3-5 years old] Creative inspiration for young children

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Toddler Enlightenment Baby

▲ Little cutes in the early childhood education class

"Graffiti is a natural ability for children and the talent they most admire for artists-I admire them because they never lack creativity."

Saturn Art Teacher Zhu Zhu

3-5 岁的小朋友,天空是什么颜色的。 If you ask a child 3-5 years old, what color is the sky.

The answer is certainly not blue.

Is the color of ice cream,

It is the color of marshmallow.

This is the world of imaginative children.

Fantasy is fun and elusive.

用画笔记录下每个孩子珍贵而独特的成长瞬间。” "Taking care of the baby's colorful world, and using brushes to record the precious and unique moments of growth of each child."

Saturn Art · Fang Fang

Baby: ice powder

3 Age: 3 years

For the first time, I have been exposed to art interest training, like graffiti at home, boldly try painting, and have a high desire to protect my work in the stage of self-consciousness just formed.

In the world of three-year-olds, hands, feet and even eyes are not growing together, scattered in every corner. The understanding of the perspective is different, and the paintings are naturally good.



Baby: Guoguo

4 Age: 4 years

She is very curious about art and is in the period of growth and exploration.

He has a strong interest in each new painting material and loves expressing emotions with words and brushes.

After the continuous growth of the visual nerve, the picture began to have a complete shape.

There are trees that can grow many, many leaves, pink flowers,

Children's world, doodle world.

[Course notes]

Flying small airplane course design includes the expression of color graffiti to simple manual activities.

Color mixing, spraying, paint and various material destruction or creative combinations are very rich and stimulate children's curiosity and interest in art activities.

The combination of manual makes the children's concentration and innovation ability in the classroom is refreshing.

In the process of painting, the characteristics of the disassembly and reorganization of the original object and the breakthrough of self-hand painting. The characteristics of the siblings are vividly expressed in the work.

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