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Huzhong District Holds 2017 Spring Forest Fire Protection Professional Conference

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On March 28, Huzhong District held a professional conference on spring forest fire prevention work to re-arrange, re-deploy and re-implement the next step of forest fire prevention work in the entire region.

  Li Jiaxin, deputy director of the Forestry Bureau and deputy chief commander of the full-time fire prevention committee, attended the meeting and emphasized that it is necessary to effectively implement the spring defense responsibility of the entire region. All units must be vigilant, establish a sense of the overall situation, and implement various tasks, responsibilities, and measures for forest fire prevention. The implementation of layer-by-layer decomposition should be implemented in forest classes, plots, and heads; we must effectively carry out propaganda and education, and take “Qingming Festival” propaganda as the next step of forest fire prevention propaganda and education; we must do a good job in managing fire sources and comprehensively implement field use. Fire review and approval system; We must effectively implement the Qingming Festival campaign to ensure that there are no problems in forest fire prevention during the Qingming Festival in our district; to effectively implement early warning and monitoring, the leaders of various fire prevention offices must be on duty 24 hours a day and night; Do a good job in team building. The four professional forest fire protection teams in the region must all be on standby; they must comprehensively ensure comprehensive protection, do a good job in the construction of fire prevention industry, draw six maps, establish four tables, and record eight volumes. It is necessary to effectively implement supervision and inspection. The District Fire Protection Office shall form a joint inspection team with the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Government Supervision Office to comprehensively supervise and inspect the forest fire prevention work in the entire district; The forest fire prevention responsibility and various preventive measures will be implemented to ensure that the district's spring defense achieves a comprehensive victory.

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  Relevant persons in charge of each protection zone reported on the development of early spring defense work, difficulties in the work, and plans for the next step. The Regional Meteorological Bureau analyzed the 2017 spring defense weather situation in our district.

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