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The master misplaced a line during the renovation, and the owner cried.

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What does hydropower transformation mean?

Hydropower transformation refers to the whole or part of the decoration process of replacing the waterways and circuits used by the original developer according to the decoration configuration, family population, living habits, and aesthetic concepts. The purpose is to make the hydropower equipment in later life more safe, convenient and beautiful to use.

I. 5 preparations before hydropower transformation

摆放位置① Basically determine the size and placement of indoor furniture and electrical appliances.

,包括照明、开关、插座、有线、电话、网络、音响以及水路的位置。 ② Be clear about the daily use needs of the water circuit in your room, including lighting, switches, sockets, wired, telephone, network, audio, and waterway locations.

③ If there is a ceiling lamp position, you should think about the lamp position arrangement and control method.

(储水式、即热式电热水器或燃气热水器或太阳能热水器)。 ④ Determine the domestic hot water heating method (storage type, instant electric water heater or gas water heater or solar water heater). Large units should consider whether to make a hot water loop system.

是否安装前置、净水、软水等水处理设备,管道长的热水是否要加回水设备。 ⑤ Whether water treatment equipment such as front, clean water and soft water is installed on the water side, and whether hot water with a long pipeline needs to be added with return water equipment.

Second, the general process of hydropower transformation

Before the hydropower transformation, it is best to have a complete hydropower construction drawing, and follow the drawings to avoid workers from intentionally winding the wire.

Circuit modification process

The designer or foreman gave the owner the site according to the drawings, and confirmed whether there were any missing items → Protect the finished product (sewage, water meters, heating products, etc.) → Circuit elastic line positioning → Slotting → Trenching (damage of plumbing and other pipelines is prohibited) (Ground) → Clean up the ground garbage → Fixed wire box → Bend pipe → Fixed pipe → Wear steel wire → Pull wire → Backfill → Wiring → Connection box → Test test to collect strong and weak current (rework the system to test the insulation resistance value)

Probable process of waterway reconstruction

The designer or foreman gave the owner the site according to the drawings, and confirmed whether there were any missing items → Protect the finished product (sewage, water meters, heating and other finished products) → Waterway towards the elastic line positioning → Groove → Tick groove → Clean the ground garbage → Top surface Punching the fixed pipe clip → Welded water pipe → Water pipe point fixing → Upper plug → Test level and level of the water outlet wall → Pressing → Water passing experiment → Backfilling.

Third, the common equipment to check for missing points, know

living room

电视机电源及信号源、机顶盒电源、空调电源、网络和电话端口、沙发两边电源。 Common strong and weak power points: TV power and signal source, set-top box power, air-conditioning power, network and telephone ports, sofa power on both sides.

饮水机、鱼缸、音响系统、家庭影院、视频共享、投影、电动窗帘、吊顶造型照明、安防及智能控制系统。 Optional equipment: water dispenser, fish tank, audio system, home theater, video sharing, projection, electric curtains, ceiling modeling lighting, security and intelligent control systems.


餐桌边电源、餐边柜上方电源、壁挂式饮水机电源 Common power supply: power supply at the table, power supply above the sideboard, power supply of wall-mounted water dispenser


床头两侧电源、电话、电视电源及信号源、机顶盒电源、空调电源。 Common strong and weak power points: power on both sides of the bed, telephone, TV power and signal source, set-top box power, air conditioning power.

壁灯、主灯双控、网络、视频共享、电动窗帘、灯光控制,安防及智能控制系统。 Optional equipment: wall light, dual control of main light, network, video sharing, electric curtains, light control, security and intelligent control system.


网络和电话、电脑电源、备用插座、地插。 Standing points: Internet and telephone, computer power, spare socket, ground plug.

背景音乐、电视电源及信号源、视频共享、电动窗帘、安防及智能控制系统。 Optional equipment: background music, TV power and signal source, video sharing, electric curtains, security and intelligent control systems.

Fourth, common problems

水路用什么管比较好啊? Q: What kind of pipe is better for waterway? PPR or aluminum-plastic composite? Is it better to go to the sky?

pp-r管比较好,pp-r管是用热熔连接施工完成后试压不漏水以后漏水的可能行很小。 Answer: The pp-r pipe is better. The pp-r pipe is connected by hot-melt after the construction is completed, and the leakage is unlikely after the test. Aluminum-plastic pipes are different. The connection of aluminum-plastic pipes is connected by copper pipe fittings. The expansion coefficients of copper and aluminum-plastic pipes are different. After using the aluminum-plastic pipes for a period of time, water leakage may appear. Try to go to the top. Can't walk the top and then go to the ground.

请装修公司来做水电装修,签合同之前有没有特别容易被忽略但是又很重要的一些合同条款呢? Question: Please ask the decoration company to do water and electricity decoration. Are there any contract terms that are particularly easy to be ignored but are important before signing the contract?

特别需要注意的就是水电用料的品牌,规格,以及报价是不是跟市场价差别太大,同时也需要注意报价的计算方式,因为各区域不同,水电计价方式也不同。 A: It is particularly important to pay attention to the brand, specifications, and whether the price of hydropower materials is too different from the market price. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the calculation method of the quotation, because different regions have different hydropower pricing methods.

房子的承重墙上是不是不能开横槽来敷设水电管呀? Question: Is it impossible to make horizontal grooves to lay water and electricity pipes on the load-bearing wall of the house? Are there any consequences?

按照规范,是不允许在承重墙体上随意打眼开槽的,更何况是横槽, 开横槽会破坏整体承重结构 ,造成安全隐患。 Answer: According to the regulations, it is not allowed to drill holes in the load-bearing wall at will, not to mention horizontal grooves. Opening horizontal grooves will damage the overall load-bearing structure and cause hidden safety hazards. It's like a load-bearing column. If I open a horizontal groove on one side, can you imagine that this column can still bear weight?

地漏选浅水封地漏好还是深水封地漏好呢? Question: Should the floor drain be a shallow water seal or a deep water seal?

深水封,深水封地漏能有效隔离异味。 Answer: Deepwater seal, deepwater seal floor drain can effectively isolate odor. Especially in the morning, when all of them get up and wash to work, the same building will have excessive drainage pressure at the same time, and the odor will enter the gap, forming anti-odor. Deep water sealing can solve this problem well.

厨房的洗碗盆想更换一下位置,那就要移动下水,有的人说改动下水会导致堵塞,但看到网上又有人说可以改动? Question: If you want to change the position of the kitchen sink, you have to move the water. Some people say that changing the water will cause blockage, but some people say that it can be changed on the Internet?

下水是可以改造的,只是相对来说麻烦一点,也可能造成后期堵塞,如果要改动,建议尽量避免弯路太多,同时保证下水管的坡度,避免堵塞。 Answer: The launching can be modified, but it is relatively troublesome and may cause blockage at the later stage. If you want to change it, it is recommended to avoid too many detours and to ensure the slope of the drain pipe to avoid blockage.

洗手间的地漏可以移动位置吗? Q: Can the floor drain in the toilet be moved?

这个是可以的,只是会出现下水堵塞等情况,建议移位,管路一定要走直管,找好破度。 Answer: This is okay, but there will be water blocking and other situations. It is recommended that the pipeline be moved straight. Because the original civil construction floor drain is straight up and down, if it is displaced, a horizontal pipe needs to be added. The longer the horizontal pipe is, the more likely it will be a blockage in the future.

Below, we will explain the actual hydropower case in detail for everyone:

▲ There are too many places to open the distribution box in your home! As shown in the figure, there must be wiring in the junction box, and when wiring, the wiring must be installed. Although the installation of each lamp requires wiring, although this is a very common trivial matter in construction. But it is such a "little thing" that the consequences of irregularity are catastrophic.

▲ In the decoration, usually the dark-covered circuits must be laid with PVC sleeves, and the sheathed wires cannot enter the wall directly. The wire discharge should be horizontal and vertical, and fixed with metal wire clamps. The wires used in many old houses generally do not meet today's safety standards. Most of them are sheathed wires or even aluminum wires, and they are directly buried in the wall without protective sleeves, so there is a high security risk.

这种地方接线复杂散乱,不熟悉装修的读者,往往会被绕糊涂。 The wiring in this kind of place is complicated and scattered, and readers unfamiliar with decoration will often be confused. For example, wiring is required in the junction box, wiring is required when wiring, and wiring is required for lamp installation. Although 2.5 square millimeter wires are commonly used now, high-power appliances such as air conditioners should use 4 square millimeter wires or more.

▲ At the time of hydropower acceptance, experienced supervisors will start to measure the distance from the ground of the wire connection box after checking the strong and weak power. All electrical plugs connected to switches, sockets, leakage protection devices, distribution boxes, and other electrical appliances should have a margin of about 15 cm. There are also corresponding specifications for socket installation. If the location is too low and close to the ground, it is also likely to cause danger.

像这样散乱一地的电线,除了不便于师傅们测量排布,也很容易妨碍工地现场的其他施工,万一被电线绊倒,后果不堪设想。 ▲ A scattered electric wire like this is not only convenient for the masters to measure the arrangement, but also easily interferes with other construction on the construction site. If the electric wire trips, the consequences are unthinkable.

▲ After edited measurement, the length of common wire tubes on the market ≈ (wall distance from the distribution box to the incoming end of each room + wall distance from the incoming end to the switch socket in each room) × 108% Yes, this is a formula commonly used by supervisors when reviewing budgets and calculating engineering quantities, and it applies when the distribution box is not displaced. After all, in actual operation, the difference between the layout and the layout of the line must be taken into account.

▲ Usually, the connection socket grooves on the wall should be spaced 15-30cm apart. Power lines, telephone lines, TV lines, network cables, and audio cables must not be inserted into the same tube. Because of electromagnetic interference, weak electric signals are unstable. In addition, the cable trough should be horizontal and vertical, and the cable box can also be easily repaired.

The following is the popular science of the owners about the various symbols on the hydropower drawings to prevent being flickered:

SC: Steel pipe

PC: PVC polyethylene flame retardant plastic pipe

CT: Bridge

WC: Concealed along the wall

WS: Laying along the wall

CC: Concealed along the roof

F: Concealed in the floor

CE: open apron along the roof

YJV: cable

SYV: TV cable

PE: Ground (yellow and green)

PEN: Zero connected (blue)

3 item line (fire line): A item (yellow) B item (green) C item (red)

KV: (voltage) kilovolts

BV: scattered line

MEB: total equipotential

LEB: local equipotential

Line laying code

PVC-laying with flame retardant plastic pipe

DGL-laying with electrical steel pipe

VXG-laying with plastic trunking

GXG-laying with metal trunking

KRG-laying with flexible plastic pipe

Code of exposed area of the line

LM—Laying along the roof truss or under the roof truss

ZM-laying along the column

QM-laying along the wall

PL-laying along the ceiling

Code of concealed part of the line

LA-concealed in the beam

ZA—Hidden in the column

Sword Spirit Installation Tutorial

QA—Hidden in the wall

PA-concealed in the roof or ceiling

DA-concealed in the ground or floor

PNA-concealed in an inaccessible ceiling

Lighting fixture installation code


L——chain hanging

G——Pipe hanging type



BR—Wall mounting

Method for labeling distribution lines

a——b (c × d) e——f

among them:

a--loop number

b--wire type

c--Number of wires

d--cross section

e--Laying method and pipe diameter

f--laying part

Marking method for ceiling installation of lamps

Of which: a--number of lights

b--model or number

c--Number of bulbs per lighting fixture

d--bulb capacity, W

e--bulb installation height, m

f--installation method

L--light source type, incandescent or fluorescent

Common wiring laying methods in electrical design and construction drawings

SR: laying along steel wire channel

BE: laying along roof trusses or cross roof trusses

CLE: laying along or across columns

WE: laying along the wall

CE: laying along the ceiling or ceiling surface

ACE: Laying in a ceiling where people can enter

BC: Concealed in the beam

CLC: concealed inside the column

WC: concealed in the wall

CC: concealed in the ceiling

ACC: Concealed in inaccessible ceiling

FC: Concealed in the ground

SCE: Laying inside the ceiling, wear metal pipe

Wire through pipe

SC-welded steel pipe

MT-Wire Conduit

PC-PVC plastic rigid tube

FPC-Flame retardant plastic rigid tube


MR-Metal trunking

M-steel rope

CP-metal hose

PR-plastic trunking

RC-galvanized steel pipe

Indication of the wiring method


TC-cable trench

BC-concealed in the beam

CLC-covered in the column

WC-concealed in the wall

CE-lay along the ceiling

CC-concealed in the ceiling

SCE-Ceiling installation

F-floor and under floor

SR-Steel cable

BE-Along roof trusses, beams

WE-opening along the wall

Representation of lamp installation method

CS-Chain Crane

DS-pipe crane

W-wall mounting





沿钢线槽 SR - along steel wire trunking

- 沿屋架或跨屋架 BE - along roof trusses or cross roof trusses

- 沿柱或跨柱 CLE - along or across columns

- 穿焊接钢管敷设 SC - Laying through steel pipes

- 穿电线管敷设 MT - Laying through electrical conduit

- 穿硬塑料管敷设 PC - Laying through hard plastic tubes

- 穿阻燃半硬聚氯乙烯管敷设 FPC - laying of flame retardant semi-rigid PVC pipe

- 电缆桥架敷设 CT - cable tray laying

- 金属线槽敷设 MR - Laying of metal trunking

- 塑料线槽敷设 PR - Plastic cable trunking

- 用钢索敷设 M - Laying with steel cables

- 穿聚氯乙烯塑料波纹电线管敷设 KPC - Laying PVC Corrugated Wire Conduit

- 穿金属软管敷设 CP - Laying through metal hose

- 直接埋设 DB - direct burial

- 电缆沟敷设 TC - Cable trench laying

Marking of wire laying locations

- 沿或跨梁(屋架)敷设 AB - laying along or across the beam (roof)

- 暗敷在梁内 BC - hidden in the beam

- 沿或跨柱敷设 AC - Laying along or across columns

- 暗敷设在柱内 CLC - concealed inside the column

- 沿墙面敷设 WS - laying along the wall

- 暗敷设在墙内 WC - concealed inside the wall

- 沿天棚或顶板面敷设 CE - Laying down the ceiling or ceiling

- 暗敷设在屋面或顶板内 CC - concealed in a roof or roof

- 吊顶内敷设 SCE -In- ceiling installation

- 地板或地面下敷设 FC - floor or under floor

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