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[Bridge Technology] What brand of industrial dehumidifier has good performance?

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工业除湿机的详细信息! Shanghai Ye Ling Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing industrial dehumidifiers. Welcome to inquire for details of 021-57596988 industrial dehumidifiers! There are many types of industrial dehumidifiers, and there are slight differences in the application scope of different industrial dehumidifiers, and we will provide you with a full range of solutions.


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Liling Industrial Dehumidifier—Product Description

YLGY-7S YLGY-8S Product model: YLGY-7S YLGY-8S   wet   7kg/h(168 / ) 8.5kg/h(192 / ) 除湿面积 : 150-220 200-270 Capacity: 7kg / h (168 liters / day ) 8.5kg / h (192 liters / day ) Dehumidification area : 150-220 200-270         Intelligent microcomputer control, humidity display, water pipe drainage   Full computer digital humidity display and automatic humidity control.   , 超强除湿。 Electronic low temperature defrost control , super dehumidification.   Three-minute delay protection of the compressor. 1 %点任意设定,精确控制湿度。 ■ The 1 % point can be set arbitrarily to precisely control the humidity.   Foot casters, easy to move, continuous drainage.

Yan Ling Industrial Dehumidifier-Advantages

1. Large dehumidification and high efficiency

2. Can handle 100% wet air, the wheel can be cleaned, and the service life is long.

3. Easy to operate, reliable and stable operation

4. The equipment is small and easy to install

5.Energy saving and low operating costs

6. Long-term operation and convenient maintenance

7, pollution-free green machines

8, multi-function, can be combined after any combination, a wide range of applications


Liling Industrial Dehumidifier—Application

Widely used in large computer rooms (medicine, power, telecommunications); industrial workshop warehouses (electronics, footwear, clothing, tobacco, food, leather, glass, paper); archives management (banks, public security, museums, archives, government agencies) ); Underground engineering (subway, civil air defense engineering, river crossing tunnel); HVAC, fresh air system, etc.

Yanling Industrial Dehumidifier—Technical Parameters


Technical Parameters




7KG / H

8 KG / H

Standard conditions

T = 30 ℃ RH = 80%

T = 30 ℃ RH = 80%

power supply

380V ~ 50Hz

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380V ~ 50Hz

input power



Ambient temperature

5 ~ 38 ℃

5 ~ 38 ℃

Compressor protection

Three-minute delay

Three-minute delay

Circulating air volume

2000m 3 / h

2500m 3 / h

Drainage method

Hose drainage

Hose drainage

Running noise



Humidity control range

40% -80% ± 5

40% -80% ± 5

Application area

150 ~ 220 m 2

200 ~ 270 m 2

Overall dimensions mm

600 (W) × 405 (D) × 1612 (H)

600 (W) × 405 (D) × 1612 (H)

net weight



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