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[Dry Goods] Analysis of 4 Difficulties in Reading English Level 6 in 2017

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College English Level 6 preparation requires a lot of preparation and coping with many problems. The four major difficulties summarized below are problems that students will encounter. I hope everyone will take them seriously.

What should I do if there are many new words in the reading test?

I often hear classmates complaining that there are many new words in Level 6 reading, and it takes a lot of time and energy to guess the new words appearing in the article during the reading. Vocabulary is indeed the basis of English reading, but if candidates can remember most of the 6 vocabulary, the so-called new words appearing in the article should not be a stumbling block for us to read. Moreover, there will be a logical connection between any article paragraph and paragraph or sentence and sentence. Candidates can guess the range or approximate meaning of birth words in the article by realizing the logical relationship between sentences. Because reading an article on the Level 6 exam does not require precise grasp of the meaning of "new words"-our purpose is to understand the meaning of the article or sentence. Therefore, as long as this effect is achieved, we can grasp the general content of the article or sentence, which fully meets the requirements of the examination outline.

What to do if I don't understand the long and difficult sentence in the article?

With the increase in the difficulty of the exam, the long and difficult sentences came into being. I believe that most candidates can understand each word in difficult sentences through the memorization of words, but what makes them worry is that the entire sentence cannot grasp its meaning. The reason is that it will not grasp the backbone of difficult sentences. In fact, learn to judge the trunk of a sentence from the complex grammatical structure of a set of clauses and transform it into the corresponding Chinese language habitual expression to grasp the main meaning of the sentence.

Do I need to learn the meaning of the sentences in the text?

Level 6 articles require candidates to infer information from the original text. In other words, it is impossible to draw a final conclusion from the original text of the article. Therefore, most candidates often add their own imaginations at this time to make subjective speculations. In fact, this is caused by candidates ignoring the reasoning method of articles when they usually train the sixth-level exam. The introduction of any implicit information is based on the corresponding integration processing based on the understanding of the information provided by the original text. Candidates cannot draw implicit information without effective and moderate logical reasoning.

How long is the test schedule for reading at Level 6?


Level 6 reading consists of three parts: quick reading, short answer questions and careful reading. Level 6 fast-read articles should complete 10 questions in 15 minutes; 2 carefully read and 1 short answer question should be completed in 25 minutes. The first time I heard this theoretical time schedule surprised many candidates, in fact, there are three reasons why candidates feel that they don't have enough time: 1. There will be no purposeful solution to various types of questions; 2. Cannot quickly locate options in The positioning in the article causes repeated reading of a certain article paragraph or even the full text content; 3. It is impossible to quickly and accurately judge the correct option from the four alternatives.

The major issues explained above hope to be helpful to everyone. We must learn from the experience and lessons of our predecessors and study carefully. Wendu Education's book "Analysis of the Examination Questions and Standard Prediction of College English Test Band 6" is very helpful to our review at this stage. You can try it!

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