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Mom actually planted an orchard on the balcony? It's so good ~

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Searching for Food through the Beast World

Xiaobian said

When it comes to planting fruits, Xiaobian's mind pops up into Huaguo Mountain and Taoyuan Garden. In short, it is a large space, fertile land, good landscape, and has particularly high requirements on climate and soil. In fact, don't throw away the remaining kernels from eating fruit, small pots can also be planted into "orchards"!

But it takes more patience to grow fruits than to grow vegetables! Turn the balcony into a bright orchard that is drooling. Are you ready?


Grow high-value fruits in half a year

Heart Stage: Fruit Setting and Picking

Get started index: ★★★★★

Optimum temperature: 20-30 ℃

  • Elementary · Small Potted Seeds

Strawberry is one of the girls' favorite fruits! Before eating strawberries, pick the seeds from the cuticle with a toothpick.

Choose strong seeds and spread them on the surface of the pot soil covered with a layer of fine soil. After pouring enough water, cover the pot with a layer of wet newspaper and place it in a sunny place. About 2-3 weeks, you can see the buds. Two months later, green leaves grow.

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The fruit of strawberry is the fastest among fruits. It can bloom and bear fruit within 3-4 months after the seeds are planted.

During the growing season, the strawberry should be fertilized more, and the humidity of the soil should be poured until the water flows out from the bottom of the pot. Remove dead leaves, axillary buds, and stolons in time, keeping 5-6 leaves. In the winter in the north, insulation management should be carried out or placed in a sheltered place. Be careful not to touch the soil with the fruit.


A "fuchsia" that will bear fruit

Cardiac stage: flowering stage

Get started index: ★★★★

Optimum temperature: 15-20 ℃

  • Elementary · Small Potted Seeds

After eating the pomegranate, soak the seeds in clear water, leaving the seeds sinking in the water.

Soak the water for 6-10 days. Change the water once a day until the water becomes clear and you can take it out for seeding.

After the pot soil is wet, sow the pomegranate seeds evenly on the pot soil, spread a layer of fine soil, and then pour water to make the seeds fully wet.

Spray water once a day and sprout in about three weeks. After 30 days, you can transplant to a larger flower pot.

The pomegranate blossoms, and it is quite similar to the fuchsia!

  • Promotion · Small Orchard

If pomegranates are grown well, they can bear fruit in 1-2 years. But like a girl guy, it is not appropriate to fall in love early, flowering prematurely and unfavorable to the growth of the tree body. To grow healthy and delicious pomegranates, the flower buds should be removed in the first few years to make the tree strong, and 5-7 will be left after 4-5 years, increasing year by year.

The flower of pomegranate is divided into fruit flower and non-fruit flower. It blooms 2-3 times a year. The first fruit flower leaves 3-5, and the non-fruit flower is removed by 1/2. The second time if the first fruit flower is insufficient, Leave a few, the third time without fruit flowers. Thereafter, the number of fruits can be increased year by year.


A fruitful "rich money tree"

Cardiac Phase: Rooting and Sprout Period

Get started index: ★★★

Two tigers hanging out

Optimum temperature: 25-35 ℃

  • Elementary · Small Potted Seeds

Wash the flesh from the core and insert 3-5 toothpicks lightly around. Hold the "convicted" avocado on a transparent container, and the water is flowing over the bottom of the avocado.

Change the water every day. After 2-3 weeks, you can see the avocado cracked, grow white roots, and extract the new sprouts.

After the sprouts are up, you can transplant them into the pot. Watering should be done after the soil is dry. It should not be too diligent.

The avocado seedling and the fortune tree are indistinguishable!

  • Promotion · Small Orchard

If you want to eat your own avocado, you need to plant two trees, because the pistil and stamen mature at different times, and the seed setting rate of pollination of different plants is high.

Avocado is applied with complete fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Although avocados like the sun, the soil should not be too dry.

Planting starts from seeds, usually 4-6 years of flowering and fruiting, southern China blooms in March, fruit matures from August to September.

Dragon fruit

A fruiting "cactus"

Cardiac stages: germination and growth

Get started index: ★★★

Optimum temperature: 25-35 ℃

  • Elementary · Small Potted Seeds

Soak the pitaya fruit in water, crush it and filter it with a filter cloth and sieve to separate the pulp and seeds. The seeds are then dried.

Lay gravel in a non-perforated pot, put it in the soil, sprinkle the dried seeds, and lightly spray water (do not pour water directly).

Cover it with cling film. Remember to open the cling film every other day and water it with a watering can.

After 3-5 days, the seeds will germinate, you can remove the plastic wrap, and in a few days it will become green and transparent like jadeite.

In a few weeks, Xiao Miao will turn into a spiny "cactus", placed at the table, very eye-catching!

  • Promotion · Small Orchard

Like avocado, dragon fruit is cross-pollinated. If two or more trees need to be planted, it usually takes 3-4 years to bear fruit.

If you want to eat your own dragon fruit, you must use the oldest flower pot, which is 35cm in diameter and 30cm or more in height.

In the winter in the north, it is necessary to put it in a greenhouse and ensure that there are several hours of sunlight every day. The topsoil is dried and then watered.

From seed to result, it takes a long time, and for you, it is more challenges and tests. If you want faster results, you can also purchase fruit seedlings and plant them directly.

However, if it is just for a quiet and happy mentality, watching the little seeds grow a little, even if the process is long, my heart is always warm!

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