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I am not a pig, I am a princess

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It was 6 years ago.

It was Christmas Eve, Santa Claus and Christmas tree were painted on the shop window glass, and red lanterns were hung on the door of some merchants, and there was joy and warmth everywhere. But I don't have anything. I walked in the cold wind with my arms down, and suddenly felt that there were still two dollars in my pocket, so I went to the supermarket and wanted to buy myself something to hunger.

The supermarket is so big. After two laps, I got lost. When I touched the school supplies area, I saw a pen. It was very beautiful. Dad never bought me such a beautiful pen. I rubbed it in my hand and let it go.

At the supermarket entrance, I was stopped by two security guards who said that I had stolen something from the supermarket. Many people gathered around, a security guard said, should you take it out yourself, or let us take you to the police station? I clearly remember not to take it. Who knows how the pen ran into my pocket? I was so embarrassed to find it Drilled into the ground.

After walking in rivers and lakes for two years, although he cheated without blushing or heartbeating, he never stole anything. Uncle Yao in the village said that the money outside was very profitable, so I followed him out. Who knows, it is a card on the street, pretending to be a deceitful person. Although I don't like this kind of work, I want to quit when I have saved enough money for the ticket to go home. But for two years, I didn't save any money for a ticket.

I burst into tears. At this time, Meishu came out of the crowd. She said, Meilin, you girl, your mother will not see you for a while, and you will cause trouble. I didn't respond for a moment and looked at her dumbly. She blinked at me, Meilin, come here and admit that you are wrong with Uncle Bao. Turning around and whispering to the security guard, he said to the security guard that this child is still young, do n’t send it to the police station. It ’s all because I do n’t discipline her well and give her a chance to correct her mistakes, okay? Also, we bought this pen.

That pen was the first gift that Mishu gave me, a hero, and I also had a nice name, Meilin.

The crowd gradually dispersed, Mishu said, go home! I shook my head and nodded again.

After leaving the supermarket, Mishu went east, and I followed her step by step. Miki stopped and asked me, why don't you go home? I hugged Miki and said, Mom, I've only seen you 12 years late.

That year Mishu was 28 years old and I was 12 years old.


I was born in a small mountain village in northwestern China. I have never seen my mother since I was born. Dad said that my mother went to a city far away and didn't want me.

Now that I have finally found my mother, Miki is lovingly stroking my short hair, she said, look at you as dirty as a pig, take a bath with me home!

The warm water slipped over my body, and Mishu helped me take a bath. Her movements were soft and she hummed. Suddenly I was moved, tears poured into the corners of my eyes. No one has ever been so good to me, including my dad.

This kind woman, Mishu, bought me new clothes and let me sleep on her big bed. She said that every girl should be a princess, and look at you, how to make it look like a pig.

Princess, a title that can only be seen in fairy tales, so beautiful words make my blood flow upwards, and my face involuntarily turned red. I'm ashamed, I'm not a princess, I'm a pig.

She said let me stay with her for a few days and then go home.

When I was sleeping at night, I woke up, tears rushing in one direction, my tears burst. Even if I return to my hometown, my dad won't want me, I know. But I didn't tell Miki, I looked at Miki quietly, I thought she was like an angel in a fairy tale.

Waking up the next day, Mishu sent me to the station, dressed me with a new down jacket, bought a ticket, and she just watched me get on the train before leaving.

But in the evening, I still appeared at her door. I said I didn't want to go home because my dad went to Shenzhen and I couldn't find him. In fact, I didn't lie. I heard from the villagers that my father went to Shenzhen to do business in the second year after I left.

Mishu sighed and opened the door and said, "Come in! Let me stay here first, and then find your father slowly." I lifted my toes, held Mishu's neck, kissed her face, and said that my mother was nice.

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Meishu is a very ordinary woman who works as an accountant in a semi-dead factory. She drifts alone in the city, and rents this small house.

When the school started in the spring, I was arranged to transfer to a nearby middle school, starting from the first day. After two years out of school, I can finally sit in the spacious and bright classroom like other children. The downside is that I can't keep up, and my academic performance is the worst in the class. I'm under a lot of pressure and I don't want to be sorry for the money Mishu spent for me.

I don't want to talk, I am lonely and depressed. Once a parent-teacher meeting was held, and the teacher named and criticized, Mishu knew my condition. She took me to McDonald's, and she said Mei Lin, you just started later than other classmates, and you can catch up if you work hard. Burger held my throat and couldn't swallow. I don't look away, tears are rising, I rubbed it with the back of my hand, and then look back, if nothing happened to Mishu, rest assured! I will work hard.

From that day on, when I was doing homework and reviewing homework every night, Mizuki would accompany her, and she immersed herself in psychology and education. Sometimes we occasionally look up from books and smile at each other.

Mishu made a new boyfriend and was introduced by a hotel chef.

Once when I was doing homework at the kitchen table, Mishu and the chef were chatting in the room. After a while, the two of them quarreled. I listened attentively, the chef sarcastically said, what is pure, your daughter is so old, and you think you are Miss Qianjin? I don't care about your burden, I am willing to be nice to you, I already think of you ...

I popped up from the chair, rushed into the room, pointed at the chef's nose, and said, please do n’t pretend to be a good person here, my mother is no better, a thousand times more noble than you, pack your things, and hurry up from here Go out!


At the end of the year, Mishu's factory went bankrupt and Mishu was laid off. My tuition became a serious burden for Mishu, and I could not make ends meet, and I spent all of her meager savings. She carried me as an accountant in a small factory, and went to work as a tutor after work. It all started, I didn't know.

One day I was in class and the teacher called me out. He said that your mother fainted on the road today and was taken to the hospital by a kind person. You should go and see.

Seeing Miki in the hospital, she was wearing a blue striped hospital suit and pale, but she was in good spirits. I'm joking with Miki's tone, Miki, Miki, I can't see you for a while, and you're in trouble, what's the matter? Miki laughs, somehow, low blood sugar. My tears flowed back to my heart. This is the consequence of malnutrition. I know that. Will she not?

I said what I want to eat, I'll buy it for you. Mei Shu said to the clothes hanging on the bedside, Nu Nu said that she had the money in her pocket and took it herself. I dug it out, but pulled out a list for selling blood. My head buzzed loudly, and tears could no longer be suppressed. I quietly shoved the list back into my pocket, found an excuse to run out of the ward, and then in the long corridor, I leaned against the wall all afternoon and didn't want to talk.

I go out with my schoolbag daily. Actually, I didn't go to school. I work in a restaurant. I don't want Mishu to lose my boyfriend for me, and then I lose my life. I want to share Mishu, I don't want to study, I want to do my best for Mishu, I want to depend on Mishu.

But my little movement was soon discovered by Mishu. At that time, she was so angry that I had never seen her so angry. I mumbled and whispered back, I didn't mean anything else, I just wanted to help you share it! Who knows the tree roars, you call me a mom, I will be responsible to you to the end, you are admitted to the university, it is best for me s return. That beautiful tree was angry for a week and ignored me.

What else can I say, besides studying hard, I try to help Meishu share the housework.

I finally received an offer letter from a university in Beijing. Although it is only a second-rate university, it is the most glorious page in my 18 years of life, because my life will change the track from then on.

I cried and cried with Mishu, speechless, everything could not be expressed in words.

That winter, my first winter vacation after going to college, my dad, who came without a shadow and went without a trace, came back from Shenzhen to find me. At this point he was worth a million, and someday he woke up and thought of having a daughter like me. I ignored him.

When my father refused to follow him, he made a ultimatum with Mishu. He said that he was my legal guardian, and if Mishu refused to return me, he would sue Mishu.

In those days, Mishu was down, returned home, and sat on the sofa without talking. I squeezed Mishu's hand firmly and said, "I don't need anyone to take care of it. I have two months and I'm 18 years old." I will not leave you. You are my eternal mother, my loved one, and the best gift that God has given me.

Mishu was in tears, her grievances were in her tears. Yes, Mishu is not my mother. She just met me by chance and was entangled with me. For 6 years, she had a flesh-and-blood relationship. For me, Mishu, 34, has no boyfriend.

I looked at Meishu and said, Mom, please do n’t want me. I will listen to you. After graduating from college, I will earn a lot of money to honor you. You are an angel mother given to me by heaven. I am you forever. Little princess, creepy little dirty pig.

Mishu couldn't speak, and tears kept flowing, and we hugged tightly together. How lucky I was, I picked up a mom in the supermarket, and got on with love ever since. Because of love, I became a princess from Cinderella.

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