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For people who are married, divorced, want to divorce, not divorced, want to get married, not married

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When a woman meets a good man, she does not need to mature in her life. When a woman becomes more mature and stronger, it proves that she has not met a good man.

1Hua Zhiyu said: Women remember that choosing a man is nothing else, just choosing to hurt you! No matter if he is rich, talented, handsome, eloquent, intelligent, capable, Filial piety, no matter how much love and help, if it doesn't hurt you, there is no use for fart !!

2Advice from a psychiatrist to a woman "No matter how much you like each other, the initiative in love must be a man. If this man is not active, he would rather miss it."

3 Without a partner, you can be happy even if you are alone. At this time, loneliness is a state. You can travel around the world alone and meet different friends. You can also choose to return home immediately after work and enjoy your world. One's loneliness is not terrible. The most terrible thing is the loneliness after having a partner.

4 A father's love advice to his daughter, some people are suitable for you but do not love, some people love you but are not suitable. If you want to know whether you love or not, don't listen with your ears but look with your eyes. See how much he pays. And want to know whether it is suitable or not, don't ask him what he has, but ask your laughter and tears. The condition that keeps you crying can never be better, and the one that keeps you laughing is worth the hardship. It's better to be tired and tired than laugh and enjoy.

5 Find a man who will put your picture in the wallet, a man who dares you to bite and leave a mark on his body, a man who dares to write your message on Weibo, and a man who dares to let you know everything about him, even if you say it yourself When you break up, you won't leave the man who will hug you and let you go, dare to be responsible for your life and be good to your man.

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6 If a relationship does not make you a better person, then it is a pity that you followed the wrong person. If someone really loves you, no matter how much he endures, he will not be willing to be separated from you. The kind of talking about love is actually farther and farther away from you, but it is a lie. That mouth full of true love, in fact, would not eat at all, just passing. True love is the result. No result, can only be called once loved. No matter who you love, there is only one result. True love is with you to the end. The happiest moment for a person is to find the right person, he spoils you, pampers your habits, and loves everything about you.

7 Some men love you because they want to live with you forever. Some men love you and just want to spend some time with you. A man who loves you won't work very hard because he has to put his energy into life. After a while, a man will love the life you love, because he only needs to love you, sleep you, and abandon you. So good men take care of your life, bad men take care of your feelings.

8 A man's injury to a woman is not necessarily that he falls in love with others, but that he disappoints her when she has expectations, and does not give her the comfort she deserves when she is vulnerable.

9 A smart man will spoil his woman, so that other men can't stand her stinky temper. The second force man will use his stinky temper to turn his woman into any diligent man. See hate feeling late.

The 10 girls remember: they would rather find a man who does n’t have much money but is willing to pay you, rather than a man who is obviously rich but jealous of you. The numbers on men's passbooks are not important, what is important is how much is spent on you. Never self-hypnotize that you only believe in love and disdain for material. In this age of everyone's sensitive money, willing to throw away your hard-earned money for you only means that you truly love you, because stingy people only love themselves.

11 For a woman who loves you, you can make her cry and make her feel wronged, but don't keep her silent, because speechlessness is the deepest pain, the saddest cry of a woman. You have to know that a woman loves to talk. No matter how hard or hard life is, whether she has any thoughts or not, she wants to tell you everything about her. This is the best way for her to love you. If one day she suddenly becomes quiet, you have reached the edge ...

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