hg000788.com The Second Everything DiSC Sales Chinese Trial Version Experience Salon Ended Perfectly

The Second Everything DiSC Sales Chinese Trial Version Experience Salon Ended Perfectly

Public number: DiSC Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:29:19

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The second Everything DiSC Sales Chinese trial version experience salon has come to an end. Let's review together the wonderful performance of teachers and students at the scene!

At the beginning of the course, everyone was slightly shy, but quickly got excited by the teacher:

After understanding the basic concepts of DiSC, the teacher grouped the students according to different types, and the "Century War" was launched between different types of students:

After the course, the students were still reluctant to leave and continued to have a lively discussion with the teacher and gave the following feedback:

  • The report is accurate and clear, and the charts are vivid and intuitive.

  • The discussion was lively, and DiSC learned more about their sales style and learned more sales methods.

  • The video vividly shows the needs of various types of procurement, very useful.

  • The teacher is funny and the students are enthusiastic and cute. At the same time, they also have a social relationship.

After reading the course review and the feedback from the students, is it very exciting?

Sign up if you want, we have another salon experience on March 30th, the last one is here, we must seize the opportunity ~ We also specially invited Singapore's ace DiSC Master Trainer Moses to experience Everything DiSC Sales with you unique charm!

In the salon, we will invite you to contribute ideas, work together and put forward valuable opinions on the product!

Now or never! Sign up now:

Time: 13: 30-17: 30, March 23

九江路595号 三楼韦尔斯顿会议室(近浙江中路) Venue: Wellston Meeting Room , 3rd Floor , No. 595 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

To register, please contact Anna :

Phone: 15000076080

Email: anna@training-bridge.com


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