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Bol Garden on Tip of Tongue

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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Boer Elite Kindergarten in Mengzhou Mansion is the only pure Montessori kindergarten in Mengzhou City. The core education of the school is love, confidence, independence, and courage.

Growth Hotline: 0391-8293111

Address of the park: inside the Mengzhou residence

Breakfast: Peanuts, Soy Milk, Sauerkraut, Egg Buns, Steamed Double Color Corn

Lunch: Assorted Alfalfa Noodles, Butter Bread, Pear Stick Sushi

Devil frog

Meal: watermelon

Dinner: Chinese wolfberry almond porridge, chives, small oil rolls, fried spinach

Little Talent Bor Kindergarten (xnryj_boer)

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