hg71h.com Why go to a beauty salon for waist, back, buttocks, legs and other parts?

Why go to a beauty salon for waist, back, buttocks, legs and other parts?

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There are only two purposes for beauty
One is: for health.

The second is: for beauty.

Maybe you will ask
"Why should I maintain my waist?"
Women's fanfare is not charming lies in the waist!

The waist is the veined area of the human body. All the meridians are vertical. Only the veins are horizontal. It is also the weakest part of the body's microcirculation.
堆积毒素和脂肪,穿衣服没型。 Too much fat around the waist can easily cause blockages, accumulate toxins and fat, and don't wear clothes.
The waist is where the Du and Ren veins pass. Fat pressure on the belt veins can easily lead to poor blood circulation.
It can also cause malaise: a state of hypoxia in the head, dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreaming, and memory loss.
,三高在医学界的死亡率是最高的,所以,医学调查数据显示: 腰大1公分,寿命缩短1岁。 Will cause blood flow obstruction: low blood pressure and three highs are easy to form. The three highs have the highest mortality rate in the medical field. Therefore, medical survey data show that the waist is 1 cm shorter and the life span is shortened by 1 year.
Maybe you will ask
"Why should I do it?"
The woman's back is 1 cm thick, and the person is 3 years old!

It's hard to buy old and thin, and the back is as healthy as paper. There are many important parts on the back:
人体年轻的第二道生命线,也是五脏六腑的反射区,因为五脏六腑的神经和血管都连在脊椎上。 1. Spine: The second lifeline of the human body is also the reflection area of the internal organs, because the nerves and blood vessels of the internal organs are connected to the spine.
Spine bending and deforming easily compresses the internal organs of the internal organs, and it is easy to form disc herniation and bone hyperplasia. 80% of chronic diseases are caused by bending and deforming the spine. The health of the spine determines the health of the human body!
也是由于脊椎側弯变形所导致,若不加以矫正很容易造成半身不遂和中风。 2, high and low shoulders: also caused by scoliosis deformation, if not corrected, it is easy to cause hemiplegia and stroke.
是督脉的总开关,脂肪压迫大椎易形成头部缺氧,出现头晕、头痛、失眠、多梦、 记忆力下降。 3. Dazhui: It is the main switch of the superficial veins. Fat pressing Dazhui can easily cause hypoxia in the head, dizziness, headache, insomnia, dreaminess, and memory loss.
膀胱经是人体最大的两条排水排毒通道,背部脂肪厚压迫膀胱经会造成排水排毒不畅,毒素堆积,水肿、肥胖甚至疾病。 4. The bladder meridian is on both sides of the spine: the bladder meridian is the body's two largest drainage and detoxification channels. Thick back fat pressure on the bladder meridian can cause poor drainage and detoxification, accumulation of toxins, edema, obesity and even disease.
是卵巢的反射区,臀扁平下垂就意味着荷尔蒙激素水平开始下降,阴道开始松弛, 分泌物开始减少,性冷淡,身材走形。 5, ring jump point: is the reflex area of the ovary, flat hips and sagging means that hormone hormone levels begin to decline, vagina begins to relax, secretions begin to decrease, coldness, and body shape.
Maybe you will ask
"Why should I do leg care?"
Beauty looks thighs!

There are six meridians on the thigh.
是解毒排毒的,大腿脂肪过多会出现内扩外扩、大象腿、擦裆现象,压迫肝胆经导致排毒受阻,使体内毒素增加。 1. The liver and gallbladder meridians (inner liver and extra gallbladder) are detoxifying and detoxifying. Excessive fat in the thighs will cause internal expansion and expansion, elephant legs, and crotch rubbing. Compression of the liver and gallbladder meridians will cause detoxification and increase toxins.
是管肉的,脂肪过多压迫脾胃经易造成脾胃失调,出现皮肤松弛,营养失衡,皮肤发黄,有的喝水都长肉,有的吃再多也不长肉。 2. The spleen and stomach meridians (spleen and stomach) are tube-shaped. Excessive fat pressure on the spleen and stomach can easily cause spleen and stomach disorders, skin relaxation, nutritional imbalance, and skin yellowing. Some drink long water and some eat no more. Long meat.
是管水的,脂肪过多易压迫肾经膀胱经,易造成体内湿气和毒素增加,新陈代谢减慢,体重上升,下身浮肿, 减肥也难减。 3. The kidney and bladder meridians (kidney, bladder) are water-carrying. Too much fat can easily press the kidney meridian bladder meridian, which can increase the body's moisture and toxins, slow down metabolism, increase weight, edema in the lower body, and lose weight. .
Maybe you will ask
"Why am I doing abdominal maintenance?"
The abdomen is the root of a woman!

女人的根部。 The abdomen has the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, large and small rectum, and bladder, and is called the woman's root.
孩子的宫殿,月经的摇篮,生命的故乡! 子宫是女人的包中穴,任脉的发源地,是每月产生经血的地方,也是排血毒的器官。 Uterus: The child's palace, the cradle of menstruation, the hometown of life! The womb is a woman's Baozhong acupoint, the birthplace of any vein, the place where menstrual blood is produced every month, and the organ for detoxification.
Why do women generally live longer than men because women have one more organ for detoxification, the uterus.
Ten women and nine cold! Girls like to eat cold foods, such as watermelon, pear, banana, seafood, ice cream, ice drinks, etc. They like to wear low-rise pants, navel dresses, skirts and sandals. Nowadays, they are using air conditioners. Almost in an air-conditioned environment, there is not much opportunity for sweating and detoxification, which most easily leads to cold in the palace.
:是分泌荷尔蒙、卵泡和卵子的,也是女人年轻的发动机,宫寒会导致卵巢的分泌功能下降,内分泌失调,降低排卵影响受孕,甚至提前进入更年期。 The abdomen has ovaries : it secretes hormones, follicles, and eggs, and it is also the young engine of women. The cold in the palace can cause the secretion of the ovaries to decrease, endocrine disorders, reduce ovulation and affect pregnancy, and even enter menopause in advance.
:是输送营养给子宫和卵巢的,也是输送受精卵着床的,宫寒容易造成输卵管堵塞甚至粘连,形成不孕、流产甚至宫外孕。 There are fallopian tubes in the abdomen: they are used to deliver nutrients to the uterus and ovaries, and they are also used to implant fertilized eggs for implantation. The cold in the palace can easily cause the fallopian tubes to become blocked or even adhere to each other, resulting in infertility, abortion and even ectopic pregnancy.
:是排体内肠毒的,有医学数据调查显示:5公斤的肠道毒素足足可以毒死一头牛。 There is a large and small rectum on the abdomen: it is intestinal poisoning in the body. Investigation of medical data shows that 5 kg of intestinal toxin can poison a cow.
Excessive abdominal fat can easily compress the large and small rectum, inhibit intestinal peristalsis, easily form constipation, constipation or colon, and even cancer .

Please treat yourself!

From now on, start from yourself

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love yourself!

Body shape determines health

自由喜悦的善良女子! Be a kind woman with an exquisite figure, a rich heart, a rich outside, happiness , freedom , and joy!

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