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116㎡ three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms [Sidai 211]

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本户建筑面积116㎡,共三室两厅一厨两卫,有一个景观阳台和一个工作阳台,再加一个7㎡的门厅,设计风格为北欧简约。 The construction area of this house is 116㎡, with three rooms, two halls, one kitchen and two bathrooms. There is a landscape balcony and a working balcony, plus a 7㎡ entrance hall. Unit renovation: the working balcony and the kitchen are connected; the landscape balcony is integrated into the living room, and the folding door is connected to the entrance hall.

宽敞的门厅里,简单的鞋柜、挂钩、穿鞋凳,配上简约时尚四浅色拼贴的地砖,很是清爽惬意。 ▲ In the spacious foyer, simple shoe cabinets, hooks, and shoe stools, combined with simple and stylish floor tiles in four light colors, are very refreshing and comfortable. Red and yellow flower arrangements and sweet wedding photos make up a small scene that outlines the warmth and happiness of a monk.

简单的餐厅,素雅的配色,安静可爱的彩色斑马,这样的餐厅你会喜欢吗? Simple restaurant, elegant color scheme, quiet and cute color zebra, would you like such a restaurant?

凑近了看小马,肥肥的萌萌哒。 ▲ I looked closer at the pony. But the flower arrangement on the table is very high!

淡蓝色的主调更加突出客厅的安静和凝练。 ▲ The light blue theme emphasizes the quietness and conciseness of the living room. Partial embellishment and echoes with milk coffee, bright yellow, and fresh green make the space full of silent and cheerful atmosphere.

不甘心只将阳台纳入客厅中,设计师还打通了门厅和阳台,这样一来整个空间的显得更加宽敞,循环的动线也更加灵活、圆满了。 Unwilling to only incorporate the balcony into the living room, the designer also opened the entrance hall and balcony, so that the entire space appears more spacious, and the circulation line is more flexible and complete.

由于户型的层高比较低,因此顶面没有做吊顶,只选择了一款简约、个性的现代灯装饰和照明,电视墙一侧也没有复杂的装饰,而使用了偏矮偏宽的白色电视搭配留白的墙面。 Because the floor height of the apartment is relatively low, there is no ceiling on the top surface. Only a simple and individual modern lamp decoration and lighting is selected. There is no complicated decoration on the side of the TV wall. The TV comes with a blank wall.

阳台的一侧设计收纳柜,为客厅分摊一部分压力;再摆上绿植,也为室内增添了一分自然气息。 A storage cabinet is designed on one side of the balcony to share some of the pressure in the living room; the green plants also add a natural atmosphere to the interior.

白色的斗柜,配上简单的墙面挂饰,很有生活的小情调,一切恬静而美好。 ▲ The white chest of drawers, with simple wall hangings, has a small atmosphere of life, everything is quiet and beautiful.

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采用的灯饰,都是很有现代设计感的简约系列,这样整个空间的也有了统一的格调;在阳台使用了少量木质吊顶,则让家和自然更亲近。 The lighting used is a simple series with a modern design, so that the entire space has a unified style; a small number of wooden ceilings are used on the balcony to make the home closer to nature.

淡淡复古风的橱柜,干净明亮,和其他空间也能很好的配搭。 ▲ A touch of retro-style cabinets, clean and bright, can also be well matched with other spaces.

直线条和几何感的设计,让卫生间看起来更加干净利索,灯饰也没有花哨。 ▲ The straight line and geometric design make the bathroom look cleaner and the lighting is not fancy. Although everything is practical, this light-grained tile with white ware and bathroom cabinets is elegant and peaceful.

素雅温和的次卧,是留给客人休息的地方,每一样材料都透露着淳朴和温馨。 ▲ The elegant and gentle second bedroom is a place for guests to rest. Every material reveals simplicity and warmth.

这是一个非常醒神的主卫。 This is a very awake master guard. The blue spotted bricks are very eye-catching in the light yellow wall tiles. The designer used the color-contrast technique here; the other highlight is the ceiling. Did you find that your space concept was a little subverted?

咖啡配茶绿,很有现代小资人士的优雅调调;家具依然是简洁的样式,轻快的设计在温暖的灯光让人产生飘飘然的感觉。 Coffee with tea green is very elegant for modern petty people; the furniture is still simple in style, and the brisk design makes people feel floating in the warm light.

他说,我想要在睡前看书,再喝一杯暖暖的蜂蜜水,慢慢的入睡。 He said, I want to read a book before going to bed, drink a cup of warm honey water, and slowly fall asleep.

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