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What's missing between your child and the bike?

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As if overnight, bikes of various colors can be seen almost everywhere on the streets ~

: Its appearance has a lot of positive meanings, but it also has some problems :

For example, juvenile children often ride illegally. Some elementary school students use WeChat to pay for this type of shared bicycle. Several people rent one. You ride for a while and I ride on the road for a while, which seriously threatens the safety of children. And many parents do n’t realize it ’s a dangerous offense—

Just yesterday, what we didn't want to see happened: A young boy riding a bicycle shared his life after being crushed by a bus at the intersection of Zhejiang North Road and Tiantu Road in Shanghai.

At 14:00 on the same day, a netizen posted a post, "After passing by Tianlian Road and West Zhejiang Road after lunch, I witnessed a traffic accident. A young boy riding a shared bicycle was unfortunately crushed by a gray-white bus on the motorway. When rescued, the blood and flesh were blurred, and there were no parents around. "Netizens also said that the little boy was riding an ofo bike, commonly known as a small yellow car.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of March 26. A bus was driving east and west along the Tianpi route at the time of the incident. When it turned left at the intersection of Zhejiang North Road, it collided with a boy riding a bicycle. It was related after the incident. The department quickly rushed to the scene to carry out the rescue. The entire bicycle was trapped under the bus. The boy was rescued and sent to the doctor. After the rescue, he died. According to a person familiar with the matter, the boy was in grade 4 of elementary school this year and was under 12 years old. At the time of the incident, the parents of the young boy were not with him. When the parents learned that his son rushed to the hospital after the accident, the young boy was dead and could not see his son for the last time.

Incident scene map courtesy of netizens

The fact that minors under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride bicycles on the road is a traffic law that has been in place for many years. With the emergence of shared bicycles, children under the age of 12 often ride on the road. Many parents have stated that they are clear about this rule, but they have given it up and ignored it. The penalties for minors under the age of 12 riding bicycles on the road have been unchanged at 5 yuan since the 1980s.

Bear child runs away by rubbing his car

Some netizens broke the news that there was always a group of minors scrambling in the parking lot on an OFO bicycle in the Qijiawangjiaxiang Villa House in Minhang District, Shanghai. They remembered the passwords for the bicycles, and they took them for themselves.

Not only did they scrape other people's cars in trouble, they also apologized and kept shirk responsibility, their voices were louder than other car owners. What's more unforgivable is that the bear children finally threw the little yellow car into the garbage dump and ran away.

The picture above shows a boy riding a shared bicycle along the street along the Huashan Road at Nanjing West Road. The boy in the picture is less than 12 years old, and the boy's mother also rides a bike-sharing near the boy, saying he doesn't know the rule.

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In fact, some reporters found in the interview that many children are using their parents' bicycle sharing accounts, and parents open their eyes to such behavior.

Many citizens said that parents' control over their children is more important. Parents have to tell their children that cycling under the age of 12 is more dangerous. Some parents also expressed the hope that the government would have a good way to supervise.

At present, the penalty for minors under 12 years of age riding a bicycle is a fine of 5 yuan that has not been changed for many years.

Experts said that the fines set by laws and regulations are a bit low, and they can not play the role of punishment policies, resulting in unlawful acts.

According to China's "Regulations on the Implementation of Road Traffic Safety", driving bicycles and tricycles must be at least 12 years old, and driving electric bicycles and disabled (electric) wheelchairs must be at least 16 years old. The new edition of Shanghai Road Traffic Management Regulations to be implemented from March 25 this year also advocates the use of safety helmets when driving electric bicycles and motorized (electric) wheelchairs for the disabled.

Authoritative data show that in 2016, a total of 245 non-motor vehicle traffic accidents involving minors under the age of 12 occurred in Shanghai, causing 85 injuries and 1 death; a total of 1509 traffic accidents involving electric bikes involving minors under 16 , Resulting in 456 injuries, one serious injury and one death.

In order to further regulate the behavior of minors riding bicycles on the road, the education department, traffic management department and bicycle sharing enterprises have reached a consensus through negotiation and will launch a series of measures in the near future——

■ Bike sharing companies will strictly implement the laws and regulations on cycling by minors from aspects such as improving registration methods, fulfilling signing commitments, increasing pop-up prompts, strengthening credit management, and updating smart locks, etc. At the same time, prominently posted on bicycles Relevant warning signs, do not put shared bicycles in places with minors such as primary and secondary schools, children's palaces, etc., organize operation and maintenance personnel to increase inspections and promptly discourage minors from riding illegal behaviors.

■ The traffic management department will further strengthen the inspection and enforcement of juveniles riding non-motorized vehicles in conjunction with the “Traffic Rectification”, while cooperating with schools and communities to strengthen relevant legal education for parents and students, and using the results of big data analysis to further Strengthen the management of shared bicycle parking around primary and secondary schools.

■ Schools, families, and communities need to strengthen education on minors ’traffic safety. Students who meet the age of cycling must follow traffic lights to concentrate their minds, avoid listening to headphones, not making phone calls, not riding in motor vehicle lanes, Keep your hands safe from the faucet.

■ Each elementary and middle school will carry out targeted traffic safety education, explicitly requiring students under the age of 12 not to ride bicycles, and students under the age of 16 not to drive electric bicycles; publicity should be carried out in a form that children like to improve education effectiveness, while urging parents The guardian effectively fulfills the relevant supervision and management responsibilities: parents should learn about traffic laws, not scan and rent bicycles for children under the age of riding, pay attention to and supervise their children ’s riding behavior according to law, and strengthen their children ’s safe travel education.

Xiaobian's words:

The rational use of shared bicycles is a good thing. It now appears that there are laws and regulations between children and bike sharing. Perhaps what is missing is a stronger sense of safety.

It is especially important for parents to communicate safety awareness to their children.

Because safety is no small matter, life is only once!

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