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Wu Danru: Daiyu's father was trapped in Kyoto

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When a water bird flies past and swipes farther away, leaving only a small black spot, Daiyu looks at the surging river water in a daze.

Dai Yu didn't know that the first journey in her life was her fate. Farewell to my father Lin Ruhai and came to Rongguo Mansion in the winter when she was eleven. It has been five years since his mother Jia Min died.

The Lin family inherited Jue Lu in Gusu, and the books were full of fragrance. However, the family members have not been prosperous and passed on to Lin Ruhai's generation. Only one daughter, Daiyu, has been frail and sick since childhood. Even if she is not infected with wind and cold, she has to cough her heart.

Dai Yu was 11 years old, and her grandmother sent someone to pick it up. Lin Ruhai thought that her body was not as good as before, and her daughter was so fragile that she had neither a mother nor a sister. It was better to go to Jinling to face the financial crisis. At home, you can take care of yourself and save yourself the worry.

So Daiyu said goodbye to her father in tears, accompanied by the grandmother and boarded the boat to Jinling with the old mothers of Rongfu.

Before the age of eleven, Daiyu never went out. This time she was going to go to Jinling, a bustling city, to live with her loved ones who had never met.

The solitary ship crossed the quiet river, and the leaves on the bank fell, and when the dead branches trembled in the cold wind, Daiyu shed tears for her own life.

The boat did not reach the shore, and the sedans and luggage carts of Rong Guofu were waiting on the shore. Soon after Dai Yu got on the limousine, she heard noisy people. She opened the corner of the screen and looked out. Sure enough, the downtown was prosperous. From time to time, curious pedestrians pointed at the sedan chair.

She thought that the uncles who were with her these days, although claiming to be Jiaxia's "Xiaxia", look at their dress and behavior, like ordinary wealthy people, could not help but think of the mother often said that Rongguofu Scenes and style; when he was on the way, his father reminded her to pay attention, and he always cared. Don't say a word, don't go one step further. This Jiafu wants to come, Houmen is like the sea, and teaches people to fear.

I left for a long time, and the sedan finally slowed down. I saw two stone lions squatting north of the street, and a grand door fell into the sight, and a group of gorgeously dressed people sat in front of the door. She thought this was it. However, the sedan chair just passed through these three gates, and the plaque on the gate read the five characters: "Creating Ningguo Government".

The car head is not far to the west, and it is also the three gates. This is the Rongguo government. Turning over the main entrance, entering from the west gate, the sedan walked for a while, replaced four eye-catching servants to take the sedan, and lifted it in. In front of a gate covered by blooming peach blossoms, the servants who lifted the sedan stepped down respectfully and respectfully, and they stepped forward to raise the curtains and helped Daiyu get out of the sedan.

Dai Yu held her hand and walked forward cautiously. After the peach tree shade, it is the cloister. There is a hallway at the end of the cloister. It is blocked by a marble screen supported by a rosewood shelf. It bypasses the screen and there are three small halls. .

There are carved beams and painted buildings everywhere in the courtyard, and various parrots and thrushes hung in the corridor. When a few red and green girls saw them coming, they smiled and greeted each other. Some people said, "The old lady was still thinking about it, so coincidentally, you will be here."

"Girl Lin is here, girl Lin is here!" The girls were like a group of primrose birds, rushing to sue.

Dai Yu entered the door, and the two women held an old lady with white hair like silver, greeted with a look of kindness. Daiyu thought, this must be a grandmother. When he was about to kneel, he was carried into his arms by his grandmother.

"My heart and soul!" Mother Jia met her granddaughter, and thought of her daughter who died early, and sadness came from her, tears streaming down. Dai Yu's tears were out of control. She has always loved to cry. For no reason, tears can become a river, not to mention that after many days of boat and car torture, leaving the village and back to the well, and seeing loved ones.

The crowd persuaded for a while before Mother Jia wiped away her tears. Mother Jia introduced her to several women in front of her. One is her eldest mother-in-law, Mrs. Xing, the other is the second mother-in-law, and the other young woman is Li Zhi, the widow of her cousin Jia Zhu, who died early; Dai Yu bowed one by one.

"Go and invite all the girls, and say that a distant guest arrives today, so you don't have to study in class!"

As soon as Jiamu ordered, several girls scrambled to invite people to go. A few moments later, several cousins had arrived. She heard that the young lady had become a princess and the Jia family was shining. The one who was not tall, short, and plump and looked gentle and dignified was the daughter of Miss Er. There is a heroic spirit between the shoulders, the waist and the eyebrows. It is Miss San Tanchun, the daughter of Jia Zheng, the second wife; Miss Xi Chun, the sister of Jia Zhen, head of Ning Guofu, is still a young man Girl too!

After the girls sent hot tea, Jia asked again how Daiyu's mother got sick, how to ask the doctor, and how to pass the funeral process. The sadness of the white-haired man who sent the black hair was linked again, and everyone was messing around again. Consolation, mother Jia finally managed to hold back tears.

"Oh, I'm late! I haven't had time to welcome the distant guests, disrespectful ..."

Suddenly, a silver bell-like laughter came from the backyard, and Dai Yu was frightened. She wondered: Jia Fu's people must respect and respect before his grandmother, and he didn't dare to say a word, just because everyone hadn't arrived yet, the laughter was so mad!

At this moment, several servant women came in with a gorgeously dressed young woman. The young woman is not only gorgeously dressed, but she also has a luxurious and luxurious appearance: two curved willow leaf eyebrows on the goose egg face, and a pair of Danfeng eyes, even though Yingying is smiling, she is still prestigious.

When mother Jia came to see her, her smile was even brighter, and she introduced to Daiyu: "She is a famous hot spice in our house. You call her Fenglizi." Daiyu didn't know what to call, and she looked aside and explored Chun quickly added: "She is the second son-in-law."

It turned out that she was the wife of cousin Jia Xi, and the nephew Queen Xifeng, the wife of the second mother-in-law. I heard that Wang Xifeng was raised as a boy since he was a child. He behaved with a bit of boldness, unlike a traditional woman ’s house.

Wang Xifeng stood in front of Daiyu with a smile, and looked at Daiyu slowly for a while before holding Daiyu's hand and walking to Jia's mother, she said to her, "Old ancestors, I have n’t seen you since I was born. Have you ever been such a Peugeot! No wonder you are hanging around your mouth every day and can't help it ... But it's a pity that my sister is a bitter and young, and my mother died ... " And kept on tearing.

When mother Jia saw Feng crying, she laughed out loud: "You ghost, what a spooky thing, how come I just finished crying, you came? Your sister is weak, and hits a long way, don't make her sad! "

Sister Feng accepted the parcel and immediately burst into tears: "The ancestor was right, I should fight, I should fight!"

While holding Daiyu's hand, Lianzhu asked, "How old is your sister? Did you go to school? What do you want to eat and play? Just tell me! What's so bad about girl service? Even though she said to me! "Daiyu hadn't had time to reply, and Sister Feng had sent her to clean the house and settle things for her.

After eating the tea fruit arranged by Sister Feng herself, Mother Jia asked someone to bring Dai Yu to see the two uncles, and Dai Yu went with Mrs. Xing. However, Jia Zhen said he was in bad health and didn't come out to see the guests. He said he was afraid of meeting and touching the scene, and could not bear to meet him for the time being; when he arrived at Mrs. Wang, Eryi fasted. Mrs. Wang sat on the cymbal and chatted with her, waiting for Mother Jia to order to have dinner.

"The three cousins you just met are very good at treating others. In the future, you can read, read, and learn needlework with them. I'm very relieved, but I have to tell you something first!"

"What's wrong with your aunt, just tell me."

"Do you know that there is a misfortune in our family? He is a mixed-world devil in his family, and now he wants to go to the temple, so he hasn't seen anyone, you will see him at night. He ... well, these sisters in the family No one dared to provoke him, all afraid that he would be mad ... you will ignore him in the future. "

Daiyu roughly understood that Madam Wang was referring to her cousin Baoyu. I heard that he was born under the title of jade, and was loved by her grandmother since she was a child.

,接了话道: “舅母不必担心,我在这里,自然和姐妹们共处一室,弟兄们住在别院,岂有惹他之理?” Who cares who? Daiyu's eyes have always been better than people. After listening to this, she was not very happy , and then she said, "My aunt don't have to worry. I am here with the sisters, naturally, brother. How can they provoke him if they live in another hospital? "

Mrs. Wang smiled and said, "You don't know why. He was loved by the old lady since he was a child, and he always liked to confuse with his sisters. If the sisters ignored him, he would be quieter in case he was too pleased. If he is comfortable, he will go crazy and cause a lot of things, so I tell you to ignore him. No matter what he says, you should not believe it. "

Dai Yu nodded and agreed. His heart was greatly vigilant, but it was better to hide from him.

"It's dinner." The girl came to report, and Mrs. Wang took her and walked east and west, passed a few doors, and returned to Jia's room. It turned out that every main room in the house had a winding path. Jia's room was busy. Many maids were busy setting up tables and chairs. Jia was sitting alone on the front couch, with four empty chairs on either side.

Xi Feng asked Dai Yu to sit on the first chair to the left of Mother Jia. Daiyu kept giving up until Jia said that her aunt and sister-in-law weren't eating here, and she sat still. The sisters of the three "spring" characters also sat down. Next to each one was a girl holding a hand towel and a mouthwash cup. Li Yan and Sister Feng returned to their rooms for dinner after everything was settled.

After taking a bite of quail eggs, Mother Jia spoke again and asked Daiyu what book she had read? Daiyu replied softly: "Just read four books." The girl just said, "Baoyu is here!" Daiyu I thought, what kind of rogue does this man look like?

It was a young Peugeot who came in. Wearing a purple gold crown, wearing a big red arrow sleeve robe, with a rosy complexion and a picturesque eyebrow, his eyes are as charming as the autumn lake.

"Where have you seen this person?" Daiyu looked in shock, knowing that she hadn't seen it, but she felt familiar. Is he the jerk?

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Before waiting for Mother Jia to introduce the guest, Jia Baoyu had already noticed a weak sister in the seat and thought, this is probably the daughter of Aunt Lin from Gusu City. He walked up to Dai Yu, met in joyful encounters, returned to his seat, and looked at her intently, as if there were only her in the seat.

This sister, even when she laughed, seemed to be frowning, and her eyes seemed to flash with tears at any time. The whole person looks like a willow tree by the water, surrounded by a faint smog, and has a freshness that does not belong to this bustling world.

"I have seen this sister," Baoyu said suddenly.

"It's nonsense again," Jia said with a smile, "you haven't had a baby, you haven't been to Gusu, and your sister has come to Jinling City for the first time. Have you ever seen her?"

Baoyu thought about it seriously: "Although I haven't seen it before, it looks good but looks like I have known a long time ago. It seems like ... it seems ... only after a long time to reunite!"

"Okay, okay, I hope that you will get along with Sister Lin in harmony in the future!" Mother Jia was very happy to see her granddaughter she had never met this day, and her appetite improved.

Baoyu simply walked down to Daiyu and sat down, and looked at Sister Lin again, and asked, "Sister, have you ever read a book?"

"I only studied for a year and learned a few words." Dai Yu remembered that her father wanted her to come here with humility.

Baoyu asked again, "What's your sister's name?"

After Lin Daiyu reported his name, he asked: "Are there any words?"

Daiyu said no. In the middle of Baoyu's arms, he smiled happily: "Will I send my sister a word, okay?" It is his pleasure to change the names of the girls at home on weekdays. He used all the literary talents in his studies and learned that Sister Lin didn't have a word, so he started writing: "If my sister wants to get a font size, there is nothing better than the two words" 颦 颦 "."

"Which of these two words is from an allusion?" Tan Chun interjected.

"This younger sister, frowning every day, isn't it appropriate to take this name?" Bao Yu answered for granted, and asked Daiyu again, "Sister, do you have any jade?"

This was suddenly asked, and everyone didn't know what plaster was sold in his gourd. Daiyu thought, it must be that he was born with jade, so he deliberately asked me if I wanted to show off and immediately replied: " Your jade is a rare treasure. How can anyone have it? "

Answering casually, I didn't expect Baoyu to listen, and suddenly, like crazy, I immediately took off the jade worn on my chest, and hurried to the corner: "Then I don't want this thing, what's so rare!

Everyone did not expect him to fall, and rushed forward to help him pick up the jade. Mother Jia also held Baoyu angrily, rubbing and rubbing: "You can't do anything. You are at home, you can scold and beat people, don't throw your life!"

Baoyu cried with tears on her face, arguing: "Neither the sisters nor sisters at home have this thing, nor does this sister, who looks like a fairy, have any good things."

Mother Jia coaxed her grandson to have a set: "Nonsense, your sister originally had jade, because when your aunt died, your sister showed her aunt to show filial piety. Your mother is here now, you How can you throw the jade indiscriminately! "Then, after taking the jade, she put it on Baoyu's chest.

After having dinner, Daiyu's grandmother asked where she lived. Mother Jia cherished the grandmother who had lost her mother and couldn't bear to live far away. The housekeepers were asked to place Daiyu in the Bisha cabinet in her room for the coming year. Help her clean up her new house again in spring.

Baoyu listened and insisted that she also live in the big bed outside Linbi's screen cabinet. Each was taken care of by a nurse and a girl, and the other servant girls obeyed in the outer room.

Dai Yu came here from Gusu City, with only two people around her. One is his own mother-in-law, Wang, and the other is a ten-year-old girl, Xueyan. Mother Jia is not very clever and apt to see that old and young. The girl named Parrot gave Daiyu.

In addition to the mother-in-law, she was given four confession confessions, two girls, who dressed and bathed her, and four or five girls who cleaned the house and confessed everything. It was no different from the sisters in Yingchun.

Wang and the budgerigar, who later renamed Zijuan, accompanied Daiyu to live in the Bisha cabinet, while Baoyu and her grandmother Li Xun and a big girl named Assassin accompanied her on the big bed outside.

Xiren was not originally called Xiren. Her surname was Hua, called Rui Zhu, who was the niece next to Jia. Mother Jia loved Baoyu too much, so she assigned Baoyu, who was the most appropriate to her, to take care of Baoyu's life.

Baoyu suspects that the name of Ruizhu is cheesy. She knows that her real name is Hua, and she once read the sentence "Huaqi hits people and knows day warmness" in Lu You's poems. Assaulting people is a loyal personality. When following Jia mother, only Jia mother is in her heart, and Bao Yu is only in her heart when following Bao Yu.

After so many days around Baoyu, seeing him as a lonely man, he repeatedly refused to persuade him, he was really upset, and I really did not know what to do. The night Baoyu fell from jade, she saw that Baoyu and Li Yan were asleep, and the light in Daiyu's room was still on. After removing her makeup, she went straight to Daiyu's Bisha cabinet.

Dai Yu's eyes were red and swollen. When she saw her in, she had to sit down quickly. "Why doesn't Girl Lin rest? Homesick?" Xiren gently sat down on the edge of the bed.

The budgerigar laughed: "Girl Lin is crying. She came here today and caused your son's brother's illness, afraid that he might break the jade, isn't it her fault? She was sad for a long time, I finally persuaded. "

The persuasive gentle persuaded: "Girls don't do this, just afraid that there will be more weird jokes than this. If for a trivial matter in this area, you will be so sad, I am afraid that I will never end.

Although Daiyu didn't quite understand what she meant, she answered, "Since the sisters said so, I remember it."

In the early morning the next few sisters visited her. They went to Jia's mother and asked for An, and then went to Madam Wang's room to ask for An. There was already Xi Feng in Madam Wang's room. The lady looked solemn.

Dai Yu didn't know what happened, but Tan Chun understood that they were talking about what happened to the Xue family living in Jinling City. Aunt Xue is Mrs. Wang's sister. Not long ago, their cousin Xue Xie bullied others, killed them, committed a major crime, and is now on trial in the government.

Since Lin Daiyu came to Rongguo Mansion, Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu lived in Jia's mother's room together, reading and eating together during the day and taking a break at night. Jia Baoyu always used to be with his sisters. Until his teens, he still had no difference between men and women, and was especially close to girls.

He often said: "Girls are bones made of water, men are bones made of mud. When I see a girl, I feel refreshed, and when I see a man, I feel turbid!

Among the sisters, he was particularly close to Daiyu. If he had any good things, he would never forget to give Daiyu a copy. If he offended her verbally and made her tears, he would make every effort to seek perfection and coax. He lied, and it was necessary for Dai Yu to change her mind before she could rest.

In her life, there have been more—someone who made her happy and sad, as if she had owed him a bowl of tears in her last life, this life and this life, to cry for him and lose weight for him.

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