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Awkward dance if you don't agree, you have your carnival party, I have my "baodian"

Public number: Electricity Sheep Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:29:02

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Monbius Altman

The sky is vast,

Where do you go this weekend?

What? Do you want to stay at home?

What are you making?

I'm sorry to squat at home

Such good weather

I'll give it to my friends

Recommend a few fun!

There are spin jumps

Embarrassed dancers and fans

Come and play with everyone!

This month

Our Mianyang is immersed in

Various activities in a cheerful atmosphere

Activities of all kinds are everywhere

Have to say these activities

Pretty powerful

Fun activities to turn Mianyang

Various activities made the friends enjoy themselves, such as the Bridge Festival, the Kite Festival, and the scene was quite spectacular. There were too many people to crowd, and the friends said, pro Want to lose weight? Then go to the scene to participate in the event, to ensure that your body is 180 pounds in, 100 pounds out ~

This is not enough, and there is the third Wenchang cultural exchange activity across the Taiwan Strait. What? What are you not making Wenchang culture? Everyone knows Wenchang Emperor ~

The so-called reading does not know Wen Changjun, it means that you are too young ~

In addition to these, there are the 2nd Cross-Straits Zuzu Cultural Exchange and the 3rd National Kite Festival. Various activities have enriched the spiritual lives of the little friends. Have you all gone?

Come on ~ happy ~


qq Hyun Dance all songs

How many Ben have you been to?

Hum, tell everyone responsibly

There are none!

Not because of Lamb's House ~

Ben Qiao as a senior gossip party

Of course, this grand event Lamb also wants to participate

So many activities must also be supported by electricity

Then the question comes

Who is providing solid power for the event?

For a moment, Lamb keeps the electricity busy

Eh ~ This question is very spiritually asked ~ Before the event has started, the electric lamb has already made a very detailed electricity protection plan! From the scene check in the early part of the event to the squatting spot during the event, the electric lambs have been silently paying.

During the day, the security work was carried out in an orderly manner, and at night I was not idle. I will give you a chestnut ~

Take the Bridge Tread Festival, for example, there are more people during the day and more people at night ~ In order to ensure electricity at night, electric lambs need to deploy emergency lighting points, generators, emergency generator cars and various emergency lights ~

Even if it rains, stick to your post

It is said that on rainy days, Baodian is more suitable for electric lambs ~


The little friends are spinning and jumping. As the crowd dances, the electric lamb is busy protecting the electricity. This kind of professionalism must praise one!

One step on the bridge festival caused the electric lambs to be hollowed out, and other activities made the electric lambs as if they were eating Xuanmai, so busy they couldn't stop at all ~

However, none of the electric lambs who are "power special forces" yelled screaming and tired, watching the little friends like the runaway wild horses, turning around the audience, electric lambs want to join you ~ It's very heartbreaking, old iron ~

In order to let everyone have fun and rest assured, the electric lambs will use all their strengths and strive to do a good job in protecting electricity. Little friends, you just have to play as much as you can and release your smile. This is the electric lamb. Our efforts are most affirmed!

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