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Chinese Liquor Culture——Characteristics of Liquor Brewing in Ancient Law

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It is an indispensable drink in our life. People have their own opinions on the quality of wine. What are the characteristics of ancient liquor? Today, the editor-in-chief Su Aidong will simply reveal it to the officials, and take a look at what is special about Chinese liquor brewing.

For the past 3,000 years of Chinese history, the first choices of ancient saints in the past dynasties are pure grains, and pure grain wines have a little similarity to the naked wines separated by acid esters. "Their liquors are turbid. "Therefore, wine is often referred to as muddy wine in history.

Distilled wine did not appear until the Yuan Dynasty, but the brewing process still added Daqu, Xiaoqu or Bran Koji to pure grain, and then fermented in the cellar. After a certain degree, the sugar in the grain would be converted into ethanol. It was then filtered and distilled into mash. Jiujiu was also called Tianguo in ancient times, and it was shaped like a large steamer. Boil water in the pot, put the lees after adding koji into the steamer, and press the steam into the steamer with the boiler. Ethanol has a boiling point of 78.3 degrees, and water has a boiling point of 100 degrees. Therefore, during the process of heating with steam, the water has not boiled before the ethanol has already boiled, so that the wine can be distilled from the lees. The ethanol vapor will go up the tube above the lid, and after condensing, distilled wine will be obtained. This is the brewing process and principle of traditional liquor.

First, the first characteristic of this wine is that it must be brewed with grain. Because the grain is solid, and the grains used for winemaking are complete, the brewing process is called solid state method, and the full name is "pure grain solid state fermentation method".

Second, the second characteristic of this wine is that it must be added to the wine. What is a song? Koji is-saccharification starter. The starch and sugar in the grain must be fermented to be converted into ethanol. Fermentation requires a medium to promote the saccharification of the grain. This medium is called a saccharification starter, which is koji. Qu and the yeast used for steamed buns in common people's homes are one type of thing. There is a saying that "food is the wine base and qu is the wine bone", which fully illustrates the importance of "qu". Why is the song so important? Because the song determines the flavor of the wine, the microbes and trace elements in the song determine the style and taste of the wine.

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Liquor is the history and culture of our country for thousands of years, and it is also a product of modern life. After everyone knows the basics of ancient French brewing, then we can better understand Chinese liquor culture.

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