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Husband is not only an identity, wife is not just a nickname

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Our life,

Many people met,

It ’s not easy to meet likes,

It's harder to meet someone in love,

It's not easy to fall in love and be together.

Husband is not an identity,

But a responsibility;

Wife is not a nickname,

It is a guardian.

Becoming a couple may only take love,

But becoming a family requires

Commitment, sacrifice and compromise by the two.

It's easy to be together, it's hard to walk.

Vigorous love again

I ca n’t afford to live with the rice,

sing along

Another earth-shattering vow

Can't stand each other's mutual companionship.

It is easy to fall in love with each other.

It's easy to yell at his wife,

It's not difficult to bark your wife,

But crying old lady,

It's a lifetime promise!

The best ending is,

You become my responsibility,

And I became your guardian,

So staying together for a lifetime,

Accompany old.

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