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Less than a month from the district exam, is it too late to apply for review?

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It's been less than a month since the 2017 Guangxi civil service exam. For applicants, the question that many candidates ask most is: Is there another month left, is it too late to review? As the saying goes, "If you are in the battlefield, you won't be exposed to light." It will not be too difficult to earnestly implement and improve your performance in accordance with this review plan.


Review the first step: understand your ability level

Candidates often say that I know someone who hasn't read a book and hasn't taken any tutoring classes. I have scored more than 70 points on the exam. Actually this question is well answered.

First, we must recognize the differences in the capabilities and foundations of each individual. It is undeniable that some candidates can get good grades in the naked test, but they all have one thing in common: they have strong reading skills. For example, ordinary candidates, it may take 5 minutes to read a 1,000-word article, and then close the materials and ask to dictate the main points of the materials. Basically the answers are irrelevant. Although some candidates only say 100 words, each word is a point. This is the ability related to our more than ten years of learning experience and even the educational environment. Although it is not mandatory, it can be made up for as much as possible;

Second, we must understand our own review process. Some candidates start preparing for the review 1 or even 2 years before the exam; some candidates begin preparation half a year before the exam; some candidates do one month before the exam, some one week before the exam, and even three days before the exam test. Therefore, you must know where you are in the process.

Third, understand your weaknesses. The application examination can be divided into five major types, which are: generalization, countermeasures, comprehensive analysis, implementation and application. Each of these five question types has "good at" and "feared". Therefore, at the beginning of the review, you must have an understanding of your weak links in order to target and break through.

Finally, learn about exam-related information. At present, most provinces adopt the model of 150 minutes, three small questions, and one composition. Some provinces also have special circumstances, so candidates must understand the test situation, which is a task that cannot be ignored.

Review step two: lay the foundation

There is no other basis for applying the argument, which is reading. In a short period of time, whether you can get the required points from a large amount of material is an ability that must be repeatedly practiced. One month before the test, I used about 10 days to read a lot of hot social news, People's Daily commentator articles, and relevant national policy theories, and summarized the four major elements needed to apply for reading: status quo, reasons, and impact. , Countermeasures, and expressing these contents in words, is considered a basic qualification.

The method of checking the qualification: summarize the four major elements in the material with about a quarter of the word length of the material. If the material is 1,000 words, the four major elements in the material can be summarized clearly in a space of about 250 words and no more than 300 words, even if it is qualified at this stage.

Review step three: sub-type exercises

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The thesis is divided into four types of small questions and an essay. In the third step of the review, you need to use 10 days to divide the questions into exercises, for example: 2 days to summarize, 2 days to propose countermeasures, 2 days to analyze, 2 days Carry out and write for 2 days. Taken together, each question type should be practiced with about 20 questions, and the composition should be composed of 2-3 articles.

The essence of this stage is to apply the foundation to practice, recognize the question type, be familiar with the method of question formation, and form your own answering ideas. This stage is pursuing "quality" rather than "quantity". Be sure to figure out each question, and then practice the next question.

Review step four: do real questions

This stage has entered the actual state of practice before the exam. Be sure to do the questions in strict accordance with the test time, integrate your own optimal answering schedule, check for gaps, eliminate weaknesses, and increase confidence. At this stage, you need to pay attention to three points: First, strictly follow the examination schedule and never relax the requirements; second, ensure that you set a set of real questions every day, and do not be lazy; third, not only do the questions, but also understand and clarify the questions.

The month before the exam is very precious and fleeting. I hope that each candidate can strictly implement this review plan, get the ideal results, and become a "public" as soon as possible!

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