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Time to boil rain and fulfill yourself

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Fox King Concubine

Time to boil rain and fulfill yourself

The fingers are too wide,

Time is too thin,

A lifetime turned out to be really short.

Looking back suddenly,

I was surprised that the years were too late.

Those who can't bear to let go,

Never forget

In the end, they were framed into landscapes.

Some things fade away,

You know it existed,

But I have forgotten how it existed.

In continuous growth,

We finally missed some seasons,

Missed something,

Missed some people.

When tomorrow becomes today,

Became yesterday,

Finally become in memory

Sansheng is lucky to meet you

No longer important one day.

We suddenly discovered that

Years are always related to vicissitudes,

Impermanence is the normal state of life.

Bloom a season,

People live forever

Only time is safe.

Those wrong turns,

Those tears that shed,

Those dripping sweat,

For better or worse,

After all, I am now my self.

Some things are destined to be stories,

Some people are destined to be dead.

Don't worry about it,

No need to be nostalgic,

Just remember it occasionally

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