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You Long Biography

One day ten years ago, I was working at work. My sister called and said that I had just died.

I was totally gazed, crying in front of a few colleagues.

I grew up with my parents when I was young.

Before I got married, I often went to see 姥姥. I had a daughter after my marriage, and I brought my child to work again. Because I had no training in housework since I was young, my life was a mess. Fortunately, there is an almighty mother, otherwise I don't know what to do.

During that time, my health was very bad, and every time I heard my mother say it, I was anxious and I wanted to see it immediately.

In the village where I lived, the traffic was very inconvenient. I did n’t have a private car at that time. I talked with my husband a few times and asked him to find a car and have time to see it.

That day, my husband found a car to accompany me to see me.

I haven't seen each other for several years, and I was so surprised to see that I took my hand and shook my husband's hand, saying that I had never seen such a handsome guy.

After all, it was a borrowed car. I was afraid that people would wait for it. I didn't dare to wait for a long time. After sitting for a while, we got up and said goodbye. Walking on the crutches outside the gate, I walked for a few meters, and looking back, I was staring at me and shouting: "I'm free!" I promised, tears shed.

This time is free, but it is two years later, and the last time I see her, she is already in bed and unable to walk.

Holding her dry hand, I know I haven't had much time.

The smell in the room was not very good. He asked me to sit at his house. When I came out, I took my hand to say goodbye to her, and I gave up, and said, "Second son (my breast), when will you come again?" I promised: Well, wait for me, come to see you after a while.

He smiled, and the wrinkles on his face were like a flower: uh, wait for you.

Alas, after all I didn't wait for me and left.

When the speeding car arrived at my house, I had already set up the hall and flung it on my body, and I burst into tears. Pain and regret made me want to yell at myself, I knew that I was a dead candle, and she kept waiting and waiting, waiting for nothing.

And me, is it really that busy?

Every time I take a break, I think that it's time to accompany my daughter this week, it's time to clean up this week, and it's time to buy new clothes this week, but I didn't put a visit to the schedule.

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Ten years later, when I think of you, I still regret it. In this life, I have no chance to fulfill my promise.

How many people have been saying that when I am free, I have not been free. And the waiting person, in one word, was eager to wear.

I read a novel a long time ago, the name was forgotten, but the plot is always well remembered.

That was the story around the 1940s. A female journalist in the field married a Kuomintang officer who loved each other in particular.

However, the female journalist often went to the front because of her job needs. Her husband was particularly worried about her and advised her to resign. She deeply loves her profession and has been reluctant to give up the job. Once again, she had to leave, and hugged her husband tightly before leaving: wait for me and come back soon.

As a result, in that interview, the female reporter was injured and was rushed to the rear hospital, which recovered more than six months later. She wandered back to her original home, and her husband moved away. The flames were so high that there was no message from then on.

A few years later, when the female reporter ate at a restaurant, she looked up and found her husband was there. While trying to call his name, he saw a woman and two children next to him.

She called the waiter and wrote a note for him to give to the man. After reading the note, the man looked up and saw her. He looked straight at her for a long while, with a complex expression on his face, but did not speak, and bowed his head to write on the paper.

After a while, the waiter handed a note to the female reporter, which read:

I have been waiting for you to go home. Some people say that you are no longer in this world, so I married our chief's daughter. I love you, but destiny is so tricky. Forget me and live well.

In the blurry tears of the female reporter, the man's family left. Since then, they have never met again.

The female reporter was single all her life and told her story about the nurse who cared for her before she died:

He said that the person I love is me, but how much love can stand the waiting and separation? We missed it after all. If there is an afterlife, I must not let him wait, I don't want anything, just stay with him.

Light a lamp and listen to the sound of a lone flute all night; That taste is the hardest.

As Teacher Yu Dan said: Life comes and goes, and the future is not long. With one thought in mind, do your best to complete it right away.

And we always thought that there was a lot of time in our hands, so we were hesitant. In fact, what we have is now, but as for the future, who can say it well?

Don't wait, at this moment, leave. Do the most important thing and meet the people who are waiting for you.

May, all love is too late; May, all waiting, will not be disappointed.

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