皇冠赌场 hg090.com Minle Elementary School 5th class 3 Mencius Tsuen "Challenge No Limit" waiting for you to challenge

Minle Elementary School 5th class 3 Mencius Tsuen "Challenge No Limit" waiting for you to challenge

Public number: Happy middle school student Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:28:35

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Fatal fate

Village Radio AM585, FM102.7 "Challenge Unlimited"

Program listening and on-demand listening methods :

1. Qiqihar Radio and Television Network-On Demand-Replay of previous programs

微信平台FM10277——历史消息 2. WeChat platform FM10277-historical news

FM10277 Program WeChat public number : FM10277

19:00——20:00 Broadcast time : 19: 00-20: 00

Hotline: 2465585

Guest of Qiqihar Rural Broadcasting Room

Minle Elementary School 5th Grade 3 Meng Ziquan

晚上七点到八点 7 to 8 pm on March 25 and 26

Little Examiner Meng Ziquan

AM585 FM102.7 Village Radio Live Room

Waiting for everyone

As long as you dial: 2465585

Or follow WeChat public account: FM10277

Participate in the questions and get the chance to get our prizes

Does the kitten see me cute? Hee hee ~~

Contra Evolution Revolution
Wen Zhibin's Meng Ziquan

2465585 Answer hotline 2465585

Naughty and handsome Meng Ziquan

Prize settings:

The first prize is a ticket worth 98 yuan provided by Longsha Zoo and Botanical Garden.

The second prize is a 88 yuan activity class provided by the Huizhi Innovative Robotics Science and Education Center and received a box of 30 yuan worth of star drill blocks.

The third prize is a coupon worth 69 yuan provided by Wanda Plaza Wild Grape Buffet.

》环节, At the same time, WeChat also opened a " WeChat polite " link,

After listening to the radio, the audience who answered the host's question as quickly as possible can get a laundry product worth 45 yuan provided by Liangyibao!

Remember March 25th and 26th, from 7 to 8 in the evening!

Answer Challenge Hotline: 2465585

WeChat public number: fm10277

Prizes are waiting for you!

Learned Meng Ziquan is waiting for you!

Happy middle school student (fm10277)

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