hg98vip2.com High-energy technology stickers | This kind of kissing should be slower @ 郭富城 方 媛 (with list of winners)

High-energy technology stickers | This kind of kissing should be slower @ 郭富城 方 媛 (with list of winners)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Bao Gongci Chao

OMG Guo Tianwang is married ...

3 月领了证儿 ~ Sneaked to get a certificate in March ~

6 月份了It's June in the latest ...

~ After the net red hit the front wave, the supermodel died on the beach ~

Despite the breakup, Xiong Dailin also sent a generous blessing ...

Good predecessor of China, atmosphere! ~ Like it ~


It's true that Tian Wang 嫂 Fang Yuan's ability is really not small. Every time he plays, Tian Wang takes the initiative to show high affection ~

Why drive slower like this ...

Eat more slowly like this ...

久一点 …的羞羞画面... Um, so Xiaomi Nao made up the shame picture of such a kiss, which should be slower ... longer ...

Fang Yuan and Xiong Dailin turned on Weibo, and Xiaomi found that there are many places where the two are really in sync ~

POSE, 剪刀手+事业线...熊黛林好有料~ Such as taking photos of POSE, scissors hand + career line ... Xiong Dailin is so good ~

好有女人味哦~ Another example is the big wave partial hairstyle ... so feminine ~

…( 都是郭天王亲过的嘴嘴,难道这个颜色能特别激发欲望嘛 …) For another example, the color of lipstick ... ( all mouths and mouths that Guo Tianwang has kissed, can this color particularly stimulate desire ...)


In fact, for girls, lipstick is a very important cosmetic. Dangdang, knock on the blackboard, dry goods come, take out a small book to take notes!


Lipstick has a powerful effect on brightening the complexion and changing the complexion. If you go to class or work in the morning, the best way to save time is to apply lipstick.


So, how to apply it to achieve the star-like effect? Xiaomei teaches you three tricks here, dating, daily, fresh and small learn every minute!


Everyday painting

初学的宝宝掌握不好画唇膏的力度边缘很容易“出界”,所以建议购买一支唇刷 ,这样就像画画一样,很容易涂均匀! Xiaomei Tip: Beginner babies ca n’t master the strength of lipstick. The edges are easy to “out of bounds”, so it ’s recommended to buy a lip brush , just like painting, it is easy to apply evenly!


Small fresh lip painting

画咬唇妆记得提前遮盖唇部自身的颜色哦,用打底的BB霜或粉底液轻轻拍打就可以了! Xiaomei Tip: Remember to cover the color of the lips in advance when painting the bite lip makeup, just pat with BB cream or liquid foundation! ~


Charismatic dating

约会时记得用防脱色款的唇膏哦,不然亲亲的时候男朋友也染上你的性感红唇呢~ Little beauty tip: Remember to use lipstick with anti-fade color when dating, otherwise your boyfriend will dye your sexy red lips when kissing ~



保湿和持久力都很好 ,绝不输几百块的国际品牌,特别适合还在念书的宝宝们哦! This lipstick recommended for babies is super cost-effective , with good moisturizing and staying power . It will never lose hundreds of international brands. It is especially suitable for babies who are still studying!

Marie Dalgar Primary Color Impression Lipstick 3.4g

Jumei Price: 85

The colors used by Xiong Dailin and Fang Yuan are a touch of orange-pink. Xiaomei has labeled the color numbers for the babies ~ it is very white! ~

The moisturizing effect and stickiness have also been tested by everyone ~ There is no worry about dry lips or hair sticking ~

Put on lipstick, go and kiss your male god!

Finally, we will announce the winners list last Friday! The prize is Clinique's big butter, forgot to poke below:


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