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Nespresso launches new estrio low-caffeine coffee

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Nespresso's new espresso low-caffeine coffee enables coffee lovers who seek a strong taste to enjoy the richness at any time in the afternoon or evening. Restrid Low-Density Coffee is deeply roasted and has a strong taste. It has the same strong personality and contrasting taste as the popular Restrid Preferred Coffee.

Nespresso is committed to providing coffee enthusiasts with all-weather, exciting coffee moments, and its low-caffeine range is no exception, and each low-caffeine coffee has the same flavor characteristics as the same preferred coffee. Nespresso's coffee experts have carefully formulated the latest Ristrid Low-Caffeine Coffee to ensure that the rich aroma of raw coffee beans can be preserved intact during the decaffeination process. The entire defactoring process not only restores the true flavor of the coffee beans, but also preserves the strong, rich coffee aroma. For those who want to control their caffeine intake, and at the same time want to enjoy a strong and strong coffee experience at any time, the newly launched Ristrito low-caffeine is the best choice for their leisure break.

Restrid Low-Caffeine Coffee has now been added to the Nespresso Low-Caffeine Coffee Series. Each coffee capsule in this series is marked with a newly designed and easily recognizable red ring to easily distinguish it from other preferred coffees in the series. Currently, the Nespresso Low Caffeine range also includes:

Apecio decaffeinated coffee

Apecio low-caffeine is deeply roasted and has a strong flavor. It has the same distinctive personality and strong taste as the same type of Apecio coffee, as well as addictive cocoa aroma. After separation and roasting, the characteristics of coffee beans from different origins are more prominent: Brazil and Costa Rica Arabica coffee beans that have been roasted for a longer time become darker in color and emit a strong odor like cocoa. Short-term and lightly roasted South American Arabica premium coffee beans highlight a softer fruity note. Intensity: 9

Voruto Decaf

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Pleasantly sweet and round, Vorotto Low-Caffeine has the same rich aroma and round body as Vorotto Coffee. Strictly selected from pure Arabica coffee beans, after separation and roasting, each coffee bean of origin has a unique characteristic: Brazilian Arabica coffee beans roasted for a short time show a sweet biscuit taste; The longer and lighter roasted Colombian Arabica coffee beans retain a fresh, fruity aroma. Intensity: 4

Vivo Low-Caffeine Mug

A fused but balanced blend, Vivo Low-Coffee Mug has the same complex and rich personality as Vivo-Tu Mug: roasted, slightly woody and sweet grains with a touch of floral aroma, this coffee is A blend of pure Arabica coffee beans from South America and East Africa. Separate roasting makes the coffee beans of different origins present different characteristics, and the taste of the coffee is also richer: Ethiopian coffee beans and Colombian coffee beans, which have been roasted for a short time and lighter, retain the beautiful floral aroma and Fruity aroma; deeper and longer roasted coffee beans highlight the blending characteristics and emit a slightly bitter coffee aroma. Intensity: 4

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