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The Magic City Does Not See the Regretful Exhibition in April

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North Gun King Zhang Xiu

1. KAWS Asia premiere: "KAWS: Starts at the End"

Time: 2017.3.28-2017.8.13

Venue: Yu Deyao Art Museum, West Bank of Shanghai

Price: 150 yuan

Why It's Great: This exhibition is called "Where The End Starts." The exhibition will cover a variety of artistic works such as oil paintings, sculptures, sketches, toys, and street art that have been created so far, and an in-depth analysis of the multiple artistic creations of KAWS in the past two decades.

2. James Turrell Retrospective

Time: From now on-2017.05.21 10: 00-18: 00 (closed on Monday)

Venue: Long Art Museum (West Bank), 3398 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

Price: 200 yuan

Why It Matters: This exhibition covers Terrell's 50-year-old masterpieces of art, including its representative lighting and space installations, as well as a selection of photographs and prints. Turrell is a master of "light and space", a contemporary artist who uses space and light as his creative material. His work spreads in space, sometimes light is shaped by his spatial structure, and sometimes light in turn shapes space.

3. Hermes "Wonderland Walk" Exhibition

Time: 2017.4.14-2017.5.28

Venue: Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

Price: 10-20 yuan

Why It Matters: In the space inspired by the walker's wardrobe, Hermes bags, scarves, and a series of equipment for the journey are displayed. The unique horse head totem adds a mysterious and inscrutable breath. In order to pursue the tadpoles never seen before, every rambler has to travel through the jungle of desires constructed by fantasy in order to find his own rambler's cane and open the strange unknown world behind the door ...

4. City of Angels-Exhibition of Fantastic Art and Sculpture

Time: From now on-2017.04.15

Venue: Yueting Club, No. 366 Ruihong Road, Hongkou District

Price: 30 yuan

What to watch: A spring breeze and a kind artistic relay in the city of angels. The artist applies his ideals of happiness and good life to his works, resonates with the most innocent emotions in his heart, and brings a touch of warmth. It seems like the first spring breeze blowing in the city fortress, which stirred up ripples in my heart.

5. "Animal Moving West" Animal Color Art Exhibition

Time: 2017.03.03-05.01

Location: Hongqiao Tiandi, No. 688 Shenchang Road, Minhang District

Price: Free

What to watch: 395 adorable objects gather in Hongqiao World, which is the largest number of "animal" exhibitions in the history of the magic capital. In the past, it has appeared in New York Central Park, Milan Cathedral, Florence Four Seasons Hotel and other places around the world! There are more interactive installations this time, such as: Color Animal Master Tycoon, Animal Welcome Road, Swallow Nest Gacha, Color Photo Gallery, Color Market ...

6.Vinyl Record Theme Pavilion & "Jazz" Listening

Time: 2017.03.16-2017.05.15

Venue: LG of Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay

What to watch: In the theme museum of vinyl records is a century exhibition of jazz music, letting you understand the history of jazz in 5 minutes. Music is naturally indispensable here, with a variety of jazz styles and hundreds of natural songs. It is even more exciting to listen to it on a real record player! This group of brass instruments is very interesting. Listen to the "jue" with the sound tube as the main design element. You can find female ticket fans on each side to express love.

7. Shanghai Fashion Week Show

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center (1000 Yan'an Middle Road) Time: April 14-April 16, 2017 Price: 20-60 yuan

What to watch: Shanghai Fashion Weekend old drivers take you drag racing, brand fashion battlefield-personally experience the red carpet catwalk, participate in live online red parade! A pilgrimage place for fashion buyers-Fashion market discounts for a limited time, buy now and show! Interactive culture and art exhibition-pioneer interactive art, the world's first "immersive fashion carnival"!

8. Confession Balloon Art Exhibition

Time: 2017.03.31-2017.05.03

Venue: 3F Atrium / 3F Corridor, North and South Blocks of Joy City

Price: Free

What to watch: Balloons, as "angels" to witness love, are an indispensable prop when confession, love, and proposal! Magic City's most dreamy Internet celebrity punch in the spring! Three romantic exhibition areas of "Beyond the Heart Wall", "Rainbow Confession Clouds" and "Full of Love", 100,000 balloons invite you to "Make Heart Floating"!

9. Shenzhouxing · Magic 2D AR VR Anime Game Expo

Time: 2017.4.14-2017.04.16 9: 00-17: 00

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, 1099 Guozhan Road

Price: 50 yuan

What to watch: China and Japan sing / dance / COSER all-star lineup to help out, LIVE SHOW, home rot fan zone, e-sports carnival, VR new e-sports, VR experience paradise ... I believe you must be so excited Want to take a peek at it!

10.JulianOpie Solo Exhibition

Time: From now on-2017.6.10 10: 00-18: 00 (closed on Monday)

Venue: 600 Zhongshan East Second Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (Shanghai Fosun Art Center)

Price: 60-100 yuan

展览覆盖复星艺术中心的两层展厅,展出超过50件作品,大部分作品由艺术家为展览特别创作,包括油画、雕像、马赛克、挂毯、壁画及LED与LCD影片。 What to watch: The exhibition covers the two-story exhibition hall of Fosun Art Center. It displays more than 50 works, most of which are specially created by the artist for the exhibition, including oil paintings, statues, mosaics, tapestries, murals, and LED and LCD films.

11. "Behind Us" Group Exhibition

Time: 2017.3.17-2017.05.31

Venue: Shanghai Chi K11 Art Museum

Price: Free

Why It Matters: "Behind Us" examines the fundamental roles of the artist, which amplifies the social and emotional outlook of today and speculates on the future. The substitution of individuals, feelings, products, values and beliefs has been broadening the boundaries of our lives and providing more possibilities.

12.Koishi Jiyuki's solo exhibition "Co-Axiology"

Game of Thrones Uncut

Time: From now on-2017.04.22

Location: Building 6, No. 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

Price: Free

Why It Matters: The obscure faces are the salient features of the work, dissolving the surface distinction between individuals, and reaching the basic universality of human beings. In the picture, a unified anonymity arises. From this perspective, he deduced aesthetic research from individual narrative to the category of ethnic observation.

13. Jennifer West: Has the film ended?

Time: From now on-2017.05.28

Venue: Xu Deyao Art Museum, Xuhui District

Price: Free

What to watch: The exhibition will showcase her five representative films from 2009 to 2016. There are both works with strong touch using liquids, traces and other elements, as well as recent works that reflect on film and memories, presenting the artist ’s Cross-border thinking and diverse artistic practices.

14. Look • Himalayan Tibetan Thangka Art Exhibition

Time: From now on-2017.04.20

Venue: 1688 Art Center, 1688 North Shaanxi Road, Putuo District

Price: Free

What to watch: The human ancestors living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, like human ancestors living elsewhere, have gone through a long and tortuous period of primitive times, creating a unique and splendid plateau civilization.


15. "FUSIONTO INTEGRATION"-2017 Xiaotai Glass Exhibition

Time: From now on-2017.04.12

Location: 1F, No. 20 Shaoxing Road, Huangpu District

Price: Free

What to watch: The work shows the similar and dissimilar forms, which puts the viewer at the turning point from "not feel" to "feel", and then slows down, opens the mind, and feels the passion inside the work. Or calm.

16. "Zhou Li: Bai Ying"

即日起-2017.06 周二-周日10:00-21:00 周五、周六10:00-24:00 周一闭馆 Time: From now-2017.06 Tuesday-Sunday 10: 00-21: 00 Friday, Saturday 10: 00-24: 00 Closed on Monday

徐汇区丰谷路35号余德耀美术馆 Venue: Yu Deyao Art Museum, No. 35 Fenggu Road, Xuhui District

60元 Price: 60 yuan

Why It Matters: As a trans-media artist, Zhou Li will take the abstract paintings she has created in the past two years as the core part of the exhibition, and together with the sounds in the environment, form a spatial field born from the heart.

17. Post-perceptual: Fear and Will

即日起-2017.05.21 Time: From now on-2017.05.21

虹口区永和东路436号上海当代美术馆 Venue: Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, 436 Yonghe East Road, Hongkou District

40元 Price: 40 yuan

What to watch: This exhibition is divided into two parts: works and literature. The creations of artists who are engaged in "post-sense" will be displayed. They can see their thoughts, discussions and actions with great enthusiasm.

18. Drift Sea Art Exhibition

Time: From now on-May 20, 2017 10:00-17:00 every day

Venue: China Art Palace, 205 Shangnan Road, Pudong New District (closed on Monday)

Price: Free

Why It Matters: This "drifting" has not only been confined to a regional concept, but has been extended to the ideological and spiritual level, including artists from various parts of China and even countries around the world who are actively integrated into the urban culture of Shanghai.

19. Apparatus · Quality——China-Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

Time: From now on-2017.04.16 10: 00-17: 00 every day

Venue: 5th Floor, Shanghai Takashimaya Department Store, Changning District

Price: Free

What to watch: This issue of the art joint exhibition will focus on displaying and selling top-notch works of ceramic art from China and Japan, including hundreds of artists' works and art daily necessities in Arita, Kutani, Beijing, and Jingdezhen in China. Pieces.

20. Art Pavilions | Pan Yizhou: Drifting Thinker

Time: From now on-2017.04.16

Venue: Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Huangpu District

Price: Free

Why It Matters: When you tilt your head to look at the world, things will look like you are unfamiliar. Just as the artist Pan Yizhou transformed five well-known statues symbolizing the traditional values of the West into the posture of a oriental reclining Buddha, and suggested to us, it is time to look at things from a different perspective.

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