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Review of the Procuratorial Daily: Focus on the main business, strengthen supervision, solid reform, respond to expectations

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Source: Procuratorial Daily

The horse's feet are limited, and the people's wisdom is infinite. At this year's NPC and CPPCC, the delegates praised the procuratorial work for "inside and there are aspects", and also put forward many constructive suggestions from the perspective of caring and supporting the procuratorial work. Procuratorial organs at all levels must earnestly follow the requirements of the national procuratorial organs to study and implement the spirit of video conferences of the National People ’s Congress, draw wisdom and strength from the opinions and suggestions of deputies, focus on the main responsibility of legal supervision, vigorously strengthen procuratorial supervision, and persistently promote justice Reform the system and strive to respond to the new expectations of the people with the new results of the procuratorial work.

Only when there is a big picture in the chest can there be a direction, and if there is a main business in the eyes, there is strength. Procuratorial organs must firmly grasp their own constitutional positioning, deeply dig into the main business of legal supervision, do a good job of procuratorial supervision, and firmly maintain social fairness and justice. It is necessary to strictly implement the principles of statutory crimes and penalties, suspicion of guilt, exclusion of illegal evidence, and improve the legal supervision mechanism for criminal case registration, investigation, trial, execution, and review of death sentences to ensure that the cases handled can withstand legal and historical inspections. Lax law enforcement and injustice of justice have a fatal effect on social justice. The masses hate it. Procuratorial organs must dare to challenge the sword and dare to sharpen their swords. They must step up supervision and continue to convey the confidence of the rule of law to society. Efforts should be made to strengthen civil administrative procuratorial work, comprehensively use counter-protests, procuratorial suggestions, and other methods to strengthen supervision of effective rulings, mediation documents, and judicial personnel's violations and enforcement activities, promote a sound and diversified civil procuratorial supervision structure, and effectively maintain the legality of various civil subjects rights and interests. It is necessary to conscientiously implement the administrative litigation law and the rules for administrative litigation supervision, improve the working mechanism of administrative litigation supervision, maintain judicial justice, and promote administration according to law.


No matter how small the masses are, it is also a big thing. Although the corruption at the grassroots level is small, it hurts most. Procuratorial organs at all levels must resolutely perform their duties, keep the intensity of "hitting tigers," "flying," and "fox hunting" undiminished, and maintain the same rhythm. With a high sense of political responsibility, fully cooperate with the pilot reform of the national supervision system, and continue to do a good job of investigation and prevention. Duty crime work. We must firmly focus on the areas of people's livelihood such as land acquisition and house demolition, social security, agricultural fund management, education and medical treatment, and resolutely investigate and deal with "fly greed" and "ant greed" that occur near the people and infringe on the interests of the people. It is necessary to actively investigate and effectively prevent post crimes in general elections, provide judicial guarantees for local general elections, and remove corrupt "bad seedlings" as soon as possible. It is necessary to use precise supervision to promote targeted poverty alleviation, focus on punishing and strengthening prevention of job-related crimes in the field of poverty alleviation, and help the common people be optimistic about the "money bag" of poverty alleviation funds.

Manners of courtesy and righteousness also change from time to time. Judicial reform is related to the vital interests of the people, to social fairness and justice, and to the comprehensive advancement of governing the country according to law. Procuratorial organs at all levels throughout the country must firmly grasp the implementation of the various arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on judicial reform in a spirit of nailing, and push judicial reform to a deeper level. It is necessary to comprehensively promote the reform of the classification of prosecutors, further improve the list of prosecutors' power, and truly achieve "who handles cases and who is responsible and who decides who is responsible". It is necessary to further advance the trial of public interest lawsuits initiated by procuratorial organs, further increase work, and effectively manage public interest cases that are of major social and public interest, closely related to the people's lives, and unclaimed, unwilling to, or dare not sue.

The rights and interests of the people must be safeguarded by law, and the legal authority must be safeguarded by the people. Procuratorial organs at all levels must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC, always maintain the public servant's feelings of justice for the people, and strengthen the legal responsibility of procuratorial supervision. .

(Text: Commentator of the Procuratorate Daily: Tian Hao)

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