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What do we all do in English class?

Greeting I. Greeting ! greet     

Saying hello means that this class is officially started, and children can concentrate by entering hello and enter English. Such as:

Say hello    Good morning Good afternoon ( Good morning , Good afternoon )  

2. Interrogative    How are you Fine think you !) ( How are you ? Fine , think you !)   

How ' s the weather It ' s sunny.) 等等 ( How ' s the weather ? It ' s sunny.)  

Warm-up Second, Warm-up ! Warm-up activities      

1 、创造英语主环境 2 、再次调整状态(教师、幼儿) 3 、复习温故(以前的歌曲、律动等) Objectives: 1. Create the main English environment 2. Adjust the state again (teacher, child) 3. Review the past (previous song, rhythm, etc.)      

Game 游戏 Song 歌曲 Chant 歌谣 Form: Game Song Song Chant Ballad          

  Review! 复习 Review!        

可利用闪卡游戏。 Review the words (phrases) from the previous lesson or the previous unit, using flashcard games.

lol iron man

New lesson Four: New lesson ! New curriculum, new knowledge    

Word time :      TPR 、多媒体) TPR : Total Physical Response Display (physical objects, pictures, teaching aids, TPR , multimedia) TPR: Total Physical Response   Professor (lead reading and reading, lip guidance, timely positive pronunciation, active expression)      Consolidation (traditional games, courseware games)   

Game Five: Game ! Game session    Combine the words (phrases) in this lesson and use flash cards to play games to consolidate. 1-2 个游戏。 You can set 1-2 games according to the age characteristics and class capacity of the class .   

Goodbye time! 再见时间 Six: Goodbye time! Goodbye time         

You can sing the song or rhythm at the end of this lesson. Children can relax in the song and review the content of this unit again

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