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Bedtime Stories 丨 Who Do You Love More?

Public number: Meng Haikong Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:28:01

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Anchor 丨 Beautiful Aunt

Picture book 丨 "Who do you love more?"

"Do you love more?" Tells the story of two teddy bears who hate each other, compete everywhere, and finally help each other. I believe that children can learn to "appreciate the good of others" and "accept others and make themselves happier." The truth.


Jealousy is the child's instinctive emotional response, but it also becomes a parent's headache education question: how to deal with the child's attitude of jealousy and comparison with others? The reason why children are jealous is because they are afraid of losing, so when parents do not give enough sense of security, it is easy to cause children's psychological loss.


* Anchor: Beautiful Auntie, children's show host, voice actor, language expression instructor.


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