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What did you learn in college?

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Want to hear a story? I don't tell stories.

No one likes running accounts, what I want to say is a truth: those seemingly inconspicuous choices in college will shape you. Those abilities that don't seem to matter in college will be your first wealth.

In fact, people often ask me that you did product design before, and then you started marketing as well as marketing. So, haven't you learned computers for six years in college? Some people will say that you really have the talent to write things, I ca n’t do it, or that your logical thinking is clear, I am even more emotional; I will also hear some people say that this person is now a dog shit, look He didn't go to school well before, but now he must have gone astray.

However, none of them found a fundamental connection: It is these experiences and things I learned in college that have enabled me to do well in some places, and have transformed me from a programmer who seems destined to become a current partnership. people.

Why can I be a product manager?

Because my university has always taken the convenience of computers to pay attention to Internet products, I learned a lot of basic knowledge;

Because I have studied programming in university, I can know simple technical details and communicate with engineers more easily;

Because I joined the debate team in my university, where I systematically trained my logic analysis and expression skills;

Because I used to be the head of the community and knew how to communicate with the team and how to advance the project.

Why can I do marketing?

Because in my university I have been writing and writing, and I have never left my book, and I am willing to be friends with good writing, so I have developed a good writing style

Because I have sold train tickets and used materials in my university, I know how to sell and promote them;

Because I wrote the postgraduate teaching materials in my university, I was able to say something interesting and understand the truth;

As a BBS administrator in my university , I know how to find product positioning and analyze target groups.

Why am I bold enough to start a business?

Because I met a group of friends who also love toss in college, I had the first partners;

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Because I met many people and did a lot of things in my university, I learned the ability to discern people.

Because I had a postgraduate entrance examination in my university, I learned how to plan tasks properly and how to manage myself properly during the review process;

Because I have experienced enough setbacks in college, I am not afraid of failure.

Why am I popular with girls?

Because I talked about a selfless love in college, I know how to get along with girls;

Because I am a camera reporter in my university, I can take good pictures of girls who like it;

Since I am an amateur comic actor in college, I know how to make girls happy;

Because ... I ca n’t edit it anymore, in fact, I am not very popular with girls ~

I am very grateful to the university for six years, not for the formula written on the blackboard that nobody reads, the buns filled with leftovers in the cafeteria, or the horror-filled weekend afternoons in the dorm. I am grateful for being able to laugh and scold 2,000 audiences on the stage and stay up all night with the best buddies for the next debate.

I am grateful that the university has given me enough opportunities to try what I like, to learn the abilities I am destined to have, and also to provide opportunities for trial and error that may not be in our lives anymore.

I will also remember what I have learned in the past few years. What I think of is not the lessons learned, but the ones I just said. So many things are strung together like clues. Do you have a sense of instinct in your heart? No, these experiences are my own choices.

You become the person you will be in the future, not because of your abilities and what the university offers you, but your choices and what you choose to learn.

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