hg0088com网址 [HD Video] National Theatre Orchestra Abu Dhabi Art Festival Tour 1

[HD Video] National Theatre Orchestra Abu Dhabi Art Festival Tour 1

Public number: Dubai Dream Vision Source: Time: 2020-01-09 05:42:31

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3 24 25 日晚八点 国家大剧院管弦乐团在指挥家张艺执棒下 携手钢琴家张昊辰、小提琴家吕思清共同亮相阿布扎比艺术节 在阿布扎比酋长皇宫礼堂为当地观众带来两场精彩音乐会。 Abu Dhabi local time at 8 pm on March 24th and 25th . Under the auspices of conductor Zhang Yi , the National Theatre Orchestra , together with pianist Zhang Haochen and violinist Lu Siqing, appeared at the Abu Dhabi Art Festival in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates Palace Auditorium brings two exciting concerts to the local audience. 也是北京市文化艺术基金资助项目。 The two concerts performed at the National Grand Theater's visit to the Abu Dhabi Art Festival were also funded by the Beijing Cultural and Art Foundation. 这不仅是国家大剧院管弦乐团首次亮相阿布扎比艺术节 也是作为该艺术节在 2017 年唯一一支受邀的中国乐团加盟。 At the same time , this is not only the debut of the National Theatre Orchestra at the Abu Dhabi Art Festival , but also the only Chinese orchestra to be invited to join the festival in 2017 .

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