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Do you know that these humble shops are opened by celebrities?

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When I was a kid, I liked watching Hong Kong dramas

So I always like Hong Kong stars

Do you know that they actually opened a restaurant in Guangzhou?

Let ’s go and see if we can meet a star!

Cousin Hong Kong Tea Restaurant

Per capita: 47 yuan

This cousin's Hong Kong tea restaurant was opened by Hong Kong director Zhang Jianting.

The walls inside the shop are full of old photos, which is very Hong Kong style.

The interior decoration style is very personal.

The whole is neat and generous, and the space is quite spacious.

Once in, you can feel the flavor of Hong Kong Tea Restaurant.

More affordable per capita,

It's perfect for friends and family

Come over for afternoon tea and lift your feet.

Recommendations: iced milk tea, ice-fired pineapple oil, thick toast, beef tendon bun, pork chop buns, dried fried beef

Iced milk tea? 16 yuan

Ice fire pineapple oil? 11 yuan

Freshly baked pineapple buns, and two slices of butter on thermostats.

Toast? 18 yuan

The toast here insists on making low-density, fast-heating bread by hand, so that the toasted bread is crispy and loose inside, and the word "cousin" is also written on it, which is very iconic!

Beef tendon? 40 yuan

Beef tendon is also one of the must-order dishes here. Burdock is delicious, the portion is quite large, the softness and hardness are moderate, and the taste is great!

Zhang Jianting has always insisted on being his own brand.

Attentive to every dish

Address: No. 111, Zhongshan Third Road

Route: Exit A of Martyr's Cemetery Station, Metro Line 1

King David Restaurant

Per capita: 54 yuan

David Tide was started by Hong Kong star Chen Jinhong.

It is a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant based on Hong Kong-style tide dishes.

Attention is high.

The decoration in the shop is more chic and exquisite.

And the tree of colored lights hanging from the ceiling.

I feel that the decoration here is more gorgeous and comfortable.

Great for a family dinner, the atmosphere is good.

Recommended dishes: hand-cooked fish balls, fresh fish soup base, crispy fried yellow-grilled mandarin fish skin, crispy clams, wonton noodles, love golden fried noodles, Dawei Huangchao fried rice

Fish egg powder? 25 yuan

The fish egg powder soup base has a strong fish flavor. It is cooked with fish bones and is very fresh! The soup boiled into a milky white color, the fish eggs and flour were very elastic, and the taste was very good!

Fried yellow croaker skin? 25 yuan

It is fried with white sturgeon skin. The heat control is just right, it is grilled very crispy, highly recommended, but just eat too much to avoid getting angry ~


Spiced hand in hand? 48 yuan

Hand in hand is taken from the corner of the horn of the white ox, and this part of the meat is well-defined, with a layer of tendons, a layer of meat, a layer of oil, and all sides are soft gelatin. Use a secret brine pot for several hours. Later on the disc. The mouthfeel is very smooth and refreshing. After the mouth, it is tough but has a strong flavor.

Love golden fried noodles? 48 yuan

The shape is very beautiful, it is a golden yellow heart shape, the taste is not bad, it feels better with sauce and sugar!

If you want to try real handmade fish eggs,

You can come here to try it, the environment is good, and the food is plenty!

Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00

Address: 2 / F, Jinlilai Building, 138 East Sports Road

Route: Subway Line 1 Sports Center Station Exit B

StayReal Café

Per capita: 60 yuan

This StayReal Café was opened by May Xin's Axin,

In front of the store is the iconic dream bus,

There are also flowers, and it feels like they are on the road of dreams.

Simple and elegant industrial store decoration adds floral elements,

Adds literary temperament to the space.

There are dolls and mugs on the shelves in the store.

There is also a warm feeling.

It feels like this shop is for girlfriends

Or couples come here and sigh for afternoon tea!

Recommendations: Strawberry Paradise Muffins, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Muffins, Superstar Tiramisu Coffee, Classic Latte, Turtle Paste Coffee, Ice Oreo Cool Star Sand, I Have First Love

Strawberry Paradise Muffin? 55 yuan

The edges of the muffins are a bit crunchy, the taste is very good, the fluffy texture is soft, the cream is not the kind of sweet, and the strawberry is more fresh.

Superstar Tiramisu coffee? 42 yuan

The pull of coffee is very nice, and the photo goes up instantly. There is a trace of alcohol in it. The sweetness of tiramisu with a hint of wine tastes good with coffee, but the price is average.

Brown sugar pearl milk tea muffins? 55 yuan

In the middle of the muffin is vanilla-flavored ice cream, topped with brown sugar and crumbs similar to digestive cake. The muffins are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the warm muffins are served with cold vanilla ice cream.

My first love? 28 yuan

At first, I was attracted by the name. It was lemony, sweet and sour, similar to the feeling of first love, a little fresh.

I feel it is very suitable for taking pictures in the invoice circle, and the environment is good,

Listening to Mayday's song, eating dessert, and spending a leisurely afternoon.

Opening hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Address: B2, Tianhuan Plaza, 218 Tianhe Road

Route: Subway Line 3 Tiyuxi Road Station Exit B

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