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I've been to these three places in my life

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春暖花开,有多少人已经和风光君一样按捺不住一颗想要出去浪的心呢? Guide : Spring is blooming, how many people can't hold back a heart that wants to go out like Fengguangjun? Helplessness is also the peak tourist season, and attractions all over the country are overcrowded. If you want to avoid the flow of people and see different beautiful scenery, may wish to take a good look at the three good places recommended by Fengguangjun today!

01 | Italy


From April to June, it is the best time to play in Italy. Fengguangjun was also fortunate to visit Italy in April last year. Not only is the climate comfortable, but the scenery is also beautiful, making people linger.


When it comes to Italy, it is natural to mention Venice, the city of water. The houses built on the water, the European-style elegant eaves buildings, and the scattered water paths and alleys make the whole city like a gem floating on the water, fascinating.

When Fengguangjun traveled in Venice, the most commonly used means of transportation was a small boat called "Gondola". The bow is sharp and light, and it is said to have a history of more than 100 years.

What impressed me most was that when I sat on Gondola in the evening, the shops and docks on both sides of the bank turned on the lights one after another, and the lights reflected on the blue water. At that time, I really sighed sincerely, how could there be so Beauty city.

Of course, in addition to Venice, the once-prestigious ancient Rome, and the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, you have to go.

The coffee culture in Italy is very strong. Italians love to have a cup of coffee, whether in the morning, lunch, or after dinner. They are very fond of coffee.

Fengguangjun was in Italy for seven days, and felt that he drank the coffee of the usual year, but it was not boring. He just felt delicious, and each kind of coffee has its own unique taste.

On the basis of traditional coffee, the ingredients of chocolate are added, which not only has the aroma of espresso coffee, but also the smoothness of chocolate, bringing a rich level of taste experience. This is just like the romance of Italy. It is not only rich in history and classic, but also uninhibited and free-spirited, which is enchanting.

It has been almost a year since Fengguangjun returned to Italy, but the scenery and people there are still vivid to this day. The significance of travel is probably so. Go to see different scenery and stories, let them melt into the bones in the blood, and become a part of your life, so life becomes thicker and more mellow.

02 | United States

Speaking of the United States, immediately reminiscent of avant-garde American culture, luxurious Las Vegas, and fashionable New York, all have strong appeal. The temperature in the United States in April is just right, so it's a good time to check it out.

Located in Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, known as the "Crossroads of the World", it is also a must-visit for every visitor to the United States.

,不仅映衬着曼哈顿街区的极度繁华,也早已经成为象征纽约市的标志。 Dozens of large shopping malls and theaters are gathered near Times Square. Classic Broadway and dazzling neon lights not only reflect the extreme prosperity of Manhattan, but also have become a symbol of New York City.

Times Square in New York is no longer a simple place to shop. The world's most cutting-edge fashion and technology are gathered here, making Times Square more like a master of the times. You just have to walk here , You can feel the pulse of the development of this world, and will be more excited.

If you are traveling with someone who can drive, you can also experience the most beautiful self-driving tour on US Route 66. It runs from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, across most of the United States. The large cornfields that often appear in American dramas, or the Indian Reserve and the endless desert can be seen along Route 66.

Helios Three Kingdoms

In addition to the beauty, American food culture is also worth exploring. For example, what many people don't know is that sundae originated in the United States and has an interesting historical story. At that time, a state was said to believe that Sunday was a Sabbath, and ice cream was not allowed to be sold. The smart businessman was clever and covered ice cream with jam and fruit and named it Sundae. The wonderful combination of fruit and ice cream has been highly sought after since its launch.

Strawberry sundae can be said to be the most classic flavor of American sundae, sweet ice cream, plus sweet and sour strawberry jam. If you are lucky enough to go to the United States, you must not miss this classic cuisine.

Don't hesitate to wait any longer. It is better to see as much in the pictures or videos as it is better to be there. It's better to take advantage of the spring, let's go! America must be one of the destinations you won't regret.

03 | South America

April is at the turn of summer and autumn in South America. Not only is the weather pleasant, but the scenery is also very beautiful.

Speaking of South America, the tropical rain forests of the Amazon, the fruitful banana trees, the clever macaws, the scenic sunny coastline, the hot air balloons ... These countless wonderful scenery seem to jump out of sight, Waiting for every interested tourist to explore and discover.

With various kinds of puree and fruit as raw materials, refrigerate until it freezes and then carefully grind them into smoothies. The cool and refreshing taste is very suitable for enjoying in the hot climate of South America.

After Fengguangjun returned from South America, he has always been thinking about Xueba ice cream there. Although there are many domestically declared ice creams, they don't taste that way. So if you go to South America and don't have an authentic Xueba ice cream, you have to be beaten by the scenery.

The food of a place is the essence of its culture. If you are not ready to start right away at this moment, Fengguangjun has another good way. ,保证也能有玩味世界非凡体验哦! Is to buy three different flavors of crunchy shark Global Discovery Limited Edition , guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience in the world of fun!


Italian mocha ice cream flavor, using imported imported coffee powder, combined with rich chocolate and refreshing and fresh ice cream, will give you a wonderful Italian mocha flavor.

American strawberry sundae, genuine imported strawberry powder brings sweet strawberries, combined with the refreshing and freshness of ice cream, brings classic American strawberry sundae flavor.

South American banana banana flavor, using real banana powder from the "Banana Kingdom" Ecuador, combined with the refreshing freshness of ice cream, brings a new South American banana flavor.

Not only that, the crunchy shark's box also has a little surprise waiting for you to discover! ,就可以在线上使用最新炫黑科技AR 让你足不出户,手持一部手机就能和世界各地的美景互动,是不是很奇妙呢! As long as you scan the package , you can use the latest black technology AR online so that you can interact with the beauty of the world with a mobile phone. Go and try it!

The meaning of life is probably that we continue to explore the unknown, see the scenery that has not yet stopped, and taste the food that has not been experienced . Take advantage of the March sunshine, the spring breeze is not dry, go with the scenery King to spring! Leave a message to say where you want to go the most and get the most praised comment. Fengguangjun will send a limited edition crunchy shark!

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