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Smart fashion children's clothing, so that childhood is not the same

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2.5亿不满14 岁的儿童,是全球第二大的儿童消费群体。 With more than 250 million children under the age of 14, China is the world's second largest consumer group of children. The peak of newborn babies in China appears around 2016, with a peak population of 2028, when the fifth round of "baby boom" will be ushered in. As a new generation of people, the 80s and 90s have better economic capabilities and more avant-garde consumption concepts. In 2015, 16 million newborns were added, and the market size of the pregnancy and infant industry is expected to exceed 2 trillion.

智能 的概念已经深入到各行各业。 With the development of Internet information technology, the concept of " intelligence " has penetrated into all walks of life. Children, as a group that is widely concerned by the society, have also received unanimous attention from consumers in the development of related products. Children's clothing is not only related to the shaping of children's healthy and happy image, but also relates to the development of children's physical and mental health. It is a very important industry in contemporary society. The emergence of smart children's clothing will undoubtedly combine the two irrelevant industries of the IoT intelligent system and children's clothing to form a new industry, which creates better conditions for the physical and mental health of children today, and brings new opportunities for entrepreneurs. opportunity. Little Bell Smart Kids Wear provides children with advanced smart kids wear products.

Although smart children's clothing is developing rapidly in China and has great potential, it is occupied by foreign brands. As a practitioner of domestic children's smart brands, Xiaoling has the advantage of seizing market opportunities, and adopts key layout and differentiation strategies, which provides excellent opportunities for wealth creation for distribution partners and entrepreneurs across the country.

智能服装 顾名思义其核心就在于 智能 两个字,除了普通服装所具有的保温、美观功能之外,小铃铛智能童装还新增加了定位、跳舞等前所未见的新功能。 The core of " smart clothing " lies in the word " smart " . In addition to the heat preservation and beautiful functions of ordinary clothing, Xiaoling smart children's clothing has also added new functions such as positioning and dancing that have never been seen before.

The setting of the positioning system is a very meaningful progress for the children's clothing industry. Child safety is a hot topic in society and one of the topics that parents are most concerned about. The positioning system on clothes not only makes it easy for parents to keep track of their children's movements at any time, but also enables them to accurately locate their children at critical moments and prevent dangerous accidents. Little Bell smart children's clothing not only ensures fashion and health in the design, cutting and fabric of clothing, but also insists on innovation in function. The positioning system allows each parent to control the child's movements at any time and ensure the child's personal safety.

Clothes can dance is an area of clothing innovation today. Danceable clothes refer to a new type of digital music clothing that can be completely synchronized and perfectly rhythmic with any music. Wearing it, it has a strong personality in the crowd. Little Bell smart children's clothing integrates the latest design concepts in the field of children's clothing. Dancing clothes can make children more energetic, but also cultivate their sentiments, which will help children's overall sound and physical development.

The unique design of the small bell children's clothing is even taller, so that each child becomes the focus. At the same time, the headquarters of the official website of Little Bell Children's Wear is strong and has many franchise stores in our market. The official website of Little Bell Children's Wear is committed to creating children's clothing with different styles such as liveliness, personality, and simplicity. It has a number of professional clothing designers and strives to break the single dull and adult-like and identical design circle of Chinese children's clothing. The listing was loved by children.

O2O升级版全新门店+微店(O+O)盈利模式,此模式根植于新时代城镇居民熟人经济圈消费特点,结合线上购物依赖亲友的口碑与分享习惯,让熟人经济进一步的带动实体店消费,非常符合互联网社群的消费形态。 Little Bell Smart Children's Wear creates an O2O upgraded version of the new store + micro store (O + O) profit model. This model is rooted in the consumption characteristics of the economic circle of acquaintances of urban residents in the new era. Combining online shopping with word of mouth and sharing habits of friends and relatives, let acquaintances economy Further driving physical store consumption is in line with the consumption patterns of the Internet community.

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