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Bright Mainland invites you to open a wasteland with Jia Junpeng

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Abstract: The full version of the Metropolis Express published an ad "Jia Junpeng, your wife is calling you to go home for dinner!" The publication of the ad immediately sparked a heated discussion among netizens.

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Yesterday, the full version of the Metropolitan Express published an ad "Jia Junpeng, your wife is calling you to go home for dinner!" The publication of the ad immediately ignited netizens' enthusiasm: 8 years ago, the memory of that game and youth was reawakened. Jia Junpeng-The most difficult game feeling for players after the 80s.

"Jia Junpeng, your mother is calling you to go home for dinner" was posted by the Post Bar in the early days of the Warcraft NetEase era. "Being unable to return home for dinner with teammates" was a portrayal of most MMO enthusiasts at the time, and wasteland culture was also the most sought after content in Warcraft and even all MMORPG games. To this day, Jia Junpeng is often mentioned. In addition to the large section of spoofs, what is left for us are Internet cafes that open up wasteland overnight, copies of sleepless nights and unforgettable meals, and memorable warfare and pastoral memories with friends and brothers.

There is a game attitude called wasteland development, and a friendship called warfare animal husbandry. Although the age is increasing and life is changing, if the old teammates exchanged, would you like to come back and fight side by side again? Today, Netease officially launches a self-developed 3D epic magical MMO mobile game "Bright Continent", a mobile game that fully replicates the classic land reclamation game of end-games, and the first group of 40 people to win the first kill.

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"Bright Continent" will be fully launched on the App Store on March 31. The game is jointly developed by Netease Games China and the United States Studios, and is a 3D real-time MMORPG magic epic mobile game created by the Hollywood audiovisual team. The game has a 360-degree 3D free perspective, a large world of 12.96 million square meters, mining medicine, horses and treasures, and wild hunting and adventure. In terms of combat experience, "Bright Continent" introduces a dynamic combat system, becoming the first mobile game to truly achieve A while walking, presenting players with a challenging world of battle.

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As the core gameplay of the game, the epic PVE copy of "Bright Continent" is undoubtedly the most sought after content by players. The game has opened copies of 10-40 people of different sizes. Each copy will also open PT books and H books according to the player's level. The 40-player team copy that symbolizes the highest difficulty of the game will be the largest wasteland goal for players in the middle and late stages of the game. In the game, players can not only enjoy the realistic style and gorgeous action performance of western magic, but also enjoy the real-time team Raid copy and the glorious achievements of epic wasteland, and enjoy the end-game battle and social experience on the mobile terminal.

On April 1, "Bright Continent" will invite Cang Tiange and Qian Xiaojia, two well-known game big coffees, to explore Jia Junpeng's residence together, and lead all players to look for the wasteland memories of that era.

Jia Junpeng is back, Cangtian Brother, Apple Cattle, Lao Dao, Despicable Mavis (Weibo). They are all back. This new continent needs warriors. Do you have the courage to regain the courage to open up wasteland?

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