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Blade Emperor Haotian

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No one shopping?

Too many things, no one helped?

I also heard that you have no boyfriend?

Don't panic!

Want a robot boyfriend?

Kind, very quiet and cute?

Here comes a new generation of national boyfriends ~

Their name is Gita, which means "short trip" in Italian.

(If you like, you can call it boyfriends 1, 2, 3, 4)

Gita, cute in the daytime

Cool Gita at night

Although Gita is only 66cm high, it can hold 18KG items.

Open its head (sky) top (spirit) cover and you can load things ~

(The brain capacity is quite large)

Double-click the Gita's control button to set the end position and send things home! 万一自家主人是路痴,也能带主人回家~ It will also automatically create a map path and remember the way you have traveled. In case your own owner is Lu Chi, you can also take the owner home ~

和佩戴在用户身上含有摄像头的腰带捕捉到的画面得来的。 The reason why it can identify itself and the user's position is based on the pictures captured by its own camera and the pictures captured by the user's belt containing the camera.

Rain forest wood wind system

And its maximum speed is 22mph (about 35km / h),

Whether you walk or bike, it can keep up with you.

If Gita didn't follow you halfway,

It will return to you as soon as possible according to your location on the map ~

And it ’s good to be noisy and noisy ~

It is also equipped with an ultrasonic ranging system that can easily avoid obstacles.

It also meets the requirements of girlfriends for boyfriends-3 hours of charging and 8 hours of walking. 就算妹子们一个人不吃不喝逛一下午,Gita也奉陪到底~ As long as the Gita is fully charged before going out, even if the girls do not eat or drink alone for an afternoon, Gita will accompany you to the end ~

价格也还不清楚,大家就请耐心的等待吧~ Currently, Gita has been launched in Boston ~ But this version still needs to be tested in a commercial environment. The consumer version has not yet been launched, and the price is not yet clear. Please wait patiently ~

This is the official home address of the national boyfriend:


Interested girls can check it out ~

Look at the appearance of the national boyfriend:

A useless little tail

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