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Songs 丨 Three songs destroy your love in ten years

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Rashomon destroys your love in ten years

It all originated from a "Gang Guai Huai" in 2004. This song was also popular in that year, singing the voices of many boys and girls, and the sequels released in 2015, "Unforgettable" and "Rashomon," There are also sequels to the song. Three songs form a trilogy, a love story where everyone guessed the beginning but couldn't guess the ending.

More than a decade ago, Mai Junlong was still criticized for entering the entertainment industry because of his rich second-generation status, and was criticized by the media as "the most inexperienced person in the entertainment industry." At that time, he was still a young boy with long hair and a thin skinny rich man who danced and sang saliva, and seemed to sink into the entertainment circle and do nothing. Fortunately, Huang Weiwen, who wrote the lyrics, was intentional, and tailored a love song with a little sadness and a little freshness, "Geng Geng Huai".

However, the song did not evoke much response. Xu is too many love songs, the image of such an infatuated male lead is drowned in the vast crowd. At this point, the story of this song seems to be over. It is nothing more than the pursuit of a sweetheart. After that, it is natural to live a good life, to marry a wife and have a child. However, eleven years later, Mai Junlong released a new song, "Unforgettable."

Ten years later, the boy grew up in "Unforgettable". In the past 10 years, he lived with his new girlfriend (see Song Defects vs Mo Wenwei), but often met with first love in dreams. She loved hello kitty at that time, and she had been pursuing brand-name perfumes. The girl comics of that year did not reappear ... she often often sneaked up on her fb homepage to follow the trends in the middle of the night, but she was a passerby and she only remembered one more. "Let's inquire about each other's peaceful life every day, even though the passers-by are already vast, I'm afraid I will miss you in this life."

After the launch of "Rashomon" with Huang Anqi, everyone shattered their dreams for ten years. It turned out that all of this is just the male protagonist. It turned out that the first love was only imagined by her. The heroine had long forgotten that she was immersed in her happy little day. It wasn't until ten years later that she heard from her classmates that someone had been holding her for ten years. She only blessed the male lead and no longer has love. "Thank you for thinking about me for 10 years, but there seems to be some misunderstanding. I don't seem to like Hello kitty? Dickens is not a girl cartoonist, because you are too obsessed with me Beautification, but do you really understand me? The past is moving, but you do n’t have to be persistent, and it wo n’t change forever. ”

Some people say that the male owner misremembered the female host's beloved things, but the editor thought it was not the male host's wrong memory, and the male owner clearly remembered every little detail of the female host. Maybe, Hello Kitty is just a short episode in the life of a female lead, like a male lead. Maybe it was a favorite, but it is a thing of the past. Therefore, the heroine said, "Be obsessed with eyes, only to beautify, but in fact, do you really understand me?" Yes, the boys do not understand her. The protagonist's self-righteous understanding is actually not so. "If you meet again on the road, I will smile and ask you the latest situation. Your Facebook updates every night, but you do n’t have to look at it." It is the same as in the previous "Unforgettable." Peek "for another frontal crit!

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The author reveals the essence of secret love: sometimes, what we like is nothing more than a virtual heart. Secret love is often a self-directed drama. However, the one in her heart has been absent from beginning to end. So many times, that relationship may not always require results. Keep this relationship in your heart, and you can warm your heart at the right time. Although helpless, this may not be the best.

Huang Weiwen, who wrote the song, said: "One hundred thousand people asked me why they were so cruel and destroyed their ten-year dream with one hand. I said, welcome to the real world. Thanks me. "

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