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Qingming Festival, give children a life education lesson with picture books

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Next week is the Ching Ming Festival, and some festival traditions and customs will inevitably expose us to the topic of parting. How to make children face life and death correctly without feeling scared and feeling the preciousness of life?

Many parents are unwilling or do not know how to talk to their children about this topic. In fact, Qingming Festival is the best opportunity for life education . Parents may wish to start with some picture books and give their children a life education lesson. Today, Wheatfield recommends the following 10 books. Parents and children are encouraged to have time to read them together. They can also make their children feel slowly in daily life.

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10 life education picture books

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Qingming Festival of Chinese Memory

"Chinese Memory · Traditional Festival Picture Book" is based on stories full of tenderness, humanities, and love. Based on real folk life, it naturally infiltrates the common sense of the origins of traditional Chinese festivals, festival customs, and processes. Natural penetration has realized the fusion of spiritual inspiration and traditional cultural learning. In reading, I not only feel the warmth and love, but also naturally understand the knowledge of traditional Chinese festivals, evoking the deep love of traditional Chinese culture in the soul and long-lasting memories. This book is mainly to let children understand the origins of Qingming Festival and the things that Qingming Festival needs to do.

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Life is like a gust of wind

By comparing life to a blowing wind and telling children the concept of death, the purpose is to help children not to be afraid of their emotional reactions, but to explore what life is about to die, and to face their sadness bravely.

The warm picture depicts the existence and disappearance of life, depicts the animals' thoughts and mourning for the dead life, and appropriately conveys the message that the author wants to express. Although life is very precious, "when life comes to an end, it still leaves." Let children understand that death is natural, and there are many ways to retain our good memories of the person or thing we love.

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The cat lived a million times

There is a cat that does not die for 1 million years. It died 1 million times and lived 1 million times. One million people loved it, and one million people cried when it died, but it never cried once. It was first the cat of the king, then sailor, magician, thief, old lady and little girl. It ’s a cat who lived in a haunted and indifferent way, until one day it turned into a wild cat of its own and fell in love with a beautiful white cat. It was the first time it knew why and lived ... ...

This is a great parable about the meaning of life. To live one million years without feelings, it is better to live with love in your heart. Do you want to live one million times or once with love? I think that the life with love is complete and happy even if it is short.

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A leaf falls

This is a fairy tale about life. The author tells the delicate balance between life and death in a story of four seasons with a leaf. The words are simple and profound. It is the most suitable textbook for life education. It is dedicated to all who have experienced life and death. Children, and adults who do n’t know how to explain life and death.

A leaf called Freddy and his partners have experienced the changes of the four seasons, and gradually understand that the meaning of life lies in experiencing beautiful things and bringing happiness to others; understanding that death does not mean all destruction, but Another form of rebirth.

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Life is connected

Where do people come from? Where do animals and plants come from? Why did they come to this world? The author uses the form of 12 squares to tell in detail how the new life of animals and plants around us came, thereby tracing the origin of life.

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From the moment when life was born to the dinosaur era, the author simply and clearly depicts the biological ages of the world today. There is such a powerful sentence in the text, "It can be said that all living things are siblings closely connected by genetic factors." If we all think so, there will be no wars and crimes in this world. Right.

/10 6/10

So big a big tree

The family of Ipoh lives on a big tree in a beautiful castle, with gold giggles, neighbors of bean worms perched on a branch, seven seasons of constant change, and a green monster that specializes in lost children ... One day, Grandma left, and Ipol saw the tree crying for the first time, and she fell into a drop of tears. Iber came to the animal planet in space, the mirror kingdom that can lie, and a garden with many trees. She became brave and resourceful. She knew that the tree where her home was not the whole world, but she couldn't find it Home ... What should she do?

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Grandpa turns into a ghost

The little boy Aspen's grandfather turned into a ghost, because there was one thing left unfinished before his death, and he could only continue to float around the world. For four consecutive nights, Aspen and Grandpa were together. They recalled the happy time together and searched for unfinished things together. They finally understood that Grandpa had not yet said goodbye to Aspen. After saying goodbye softly, Grandpa left quietly, and Aspen finally let go of his concern for Grandpa, and began to miss Grandpa with a normal heart.

It turned out that death is so common, the important thing is to preserve beautiful emotional memories.

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Goodbye mog

"Goodbye, Mog" tells the story of Mog's death, helping new members integrate into the family, and helping the owner out of sadness. Children will be very interested in the topic of death between the ages of 3 and 5, and they will keep asking: Why do people die? Where do people go when they die? ... Children's concept of "death" is very vague. How to answer the question of life and death to children, and how to carry out life education about life and death, is a question that many parents and early childhood education experts are very concerned about.

This book uses Mog's departure and the integration of kittens to tell us that there is also a valuable continuation after the end of life, and there is also a "new beginning." As Judith Kerr said in an interview with British media in 2002: "I'm almost 80 years old. At this age, you will start thinking about who will stay in this world-children, children's Children ... I just want to say: Remember. Remember what you should remember, but continue your life. "

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Grandma's gift

The intelligent puppet left his body and left all the animal friends. Although he often told his friends before his death that he was only at the other end of the tunnel, don't be sad for him. However, in the cold winter, it is gone, which is really sad for everyone. Until spring came, all the animals gathered together to miss 獾, talking about the things that 獾 had with you before, everyone's sorrow slowly healed, because although 离开 left forever, the "gift" he left was like It is like a mine, and it is always helping those in need.

Death is a very heavy topic. He is very sad, but he is more sad, but he is more about recollecting the beautiful past with his friends, and remembering the beautiful memories left by his friends. When a child asks about this topic, sometimes the adult's worry is superfluous. Parents usually explain to the child and tell the child that anything that has life, and there is an end to life, will age and die, and let the child know correctly.

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/10 10/10

Missing mother

This book shows the psychological journey a child who has lost his mother-from anger to self-blame, from sadness to getting out of the pain. This book focuses on positive energy. Although the child has lost his mother, the father finally tells the child that they are still a family, and the mother is always their most beautiful memory.

This is a life education picture book that guides children to face death and parting correctly, face loss, cherish their love, and also a book describing how people should live. The book has beautiful pictures, the language is touching, and positive energy and warmth emerge everywhere ...

Those friends and relatives who passed away, just like the picture book said, every moment of memories left by people is full of warmth. In addition to sacrifices in Qingming Festival, in this society full of gratitude, we must learn to be grateful and let children understand Grace, cherish reality, cherish history, respect others, and respect public morality!

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