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Summary | Various Information of Wangcheng Village Best Buy March 23, 2017

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Gold Edition

信息丨No.1 Recruitment information 丨 No.1


  [Recruitment] Changsha Da Different Decoration Co., Ltd. is looking for talented young people to join us. Home improvement consultants, designers, designer assistants, there is always a place for you!  !!  Salesperson probation period is 2400 yuan / month, no basic salary, 3000+ commission, unprecedented, the highest in the industry, welcome young people with ideas to contact, 18670352143 .. 83523508 address, including Puzhen Jiangshan Emperor King West different decoration [Recruitment] Yisuhe Red Rose k 丅 V: Recruiting several clerks, basic salary and commission, must have communication skills.  Recruiting two aunts for health (2200), working hours from 7 pm to 3 pm.  If you are interested, please call 15873200767 <br> Working place: Red Rose K 易 V, Yisonghe Cedar Road, Haisong 5th Road, Xiangtan City 

  [Recruitment] Recruiting a cashier with a basic salary of 2100, working hours from 12 to 9 am, from 18 to 2 am, from 9 to 6 am, three shifts, divided classes, food and accommodation, commission, rewards, contact 13875814450 

  [Recruitment] Recruitment of side dishes at Hualong Homes Noodle Shop near Huanghuatang, Changsha. One male and female waiters. 18874872818 

  [Recruitment] 3 project budget and final accounts staff, working place: Congjiang, Liupanshui, Tongzi, Bijie, Guizhou Province, salary 8000-10000 yuan, age: 30 years old or above, requires rich work experience and obey arrangements.  Company Name: Lianyuan Second Construction Engineering Company, Hunan Province.  Phone: 13873806063, President Li. 

  [Recruitment] Weilong Company recruits 3-4 security personnel, company treatment, 12 hours to 3200-3400, own, enclose, 4 days off on a monthly basis, requires 1.68 or more, if you want to contact me, Peng Zhu 18749942910 No criminal record, no physical defect, 20-40 years old workplace, Zhongqing Road Chuanhua Logistics Port 

  [Recruitment] Changsha Zhongheng Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. sincerely invites: 2 singles for power tools, singles, men and women, requires a cheerful personality, familiar with computer operation, welcome fresh graduates; 1 financial assistant.  Tel: 13548828852, Address: The third building in Juzi Logistics Park next to the Residents' Committee of Daming Village, Zhongqing Road 

  [Recruitment] Jiahai Industrial Park, recruit male workers, with a daily salary of 120 yuan per day, organize the goods, eight hours a day, please call 13077355916 Lee intentionally 

  [Recruitment] Xiangyue Rice Flour Co., Ltd. recruits an orderer with a cheerful personality, building c3, Jiahai Industrial Park 13875905358 

  [Recruitment] An office clerk.  Requirements: Female, 20-30 years old, with work experience and proficiency in office software.  Four days off each month, salary 2400-2800.  Contact number: 18975863688. 

  [Recruitment] 1 driver for 6.8 meters, 2 drivers for 4.2 meters, 1 accountant Tel: 13974887761 Address: Chuanhua Highway Port, No. 1199 Zhongqing Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City 
  【Recruitment】 Shang Yuantang recruits several waiters, about 18 to 30 years old, who can speak Mandarin, with a salary of 2,800 a month, including food and accommodation; and several marketing managers, whose salary is negotiable, including food and accommodation.  We are a club with a combination of dining and tea culture.  Address: If you have any intention or have friends looking for work in this area, please contact: Mr. Tang 

  [Recruitment] Concentrate on one's strength, and make great achievements again!  Changsha High-tech Zone sincerely hires municipal, garden, and sanitation workers with a comprehensive salary of more than 3,000 yuan, works 8 hours a day, takes six days off and one day to buy five insurances, age: male under 57 and female under 52.  The working place is near Hi-tech Zone, Dongfanghong and Leifeng Town!  The company name is Lugu Labor Dispatching Service Co., Ltd., located at 215 Software Park, Management Committee, Changsha High-tech Zone. Contact person: Xiaoda 18229771756 Interested parties please contact, WeChat same number! 

  [Recruitment] The restaurant recruits 2 chefs, 1 side dish (Dingbangong), salary interview or telephone contact, restaurant address: Meixi Lake (near the foreign college) Contact number: 15173195917 

  [Recruitment] Recruitment of Qizhi Automobile Honorary Club, number of car washers, repairmen, salary interviews, meals and accommodation, address: Gaotangling Avenue (opposite to Caizicheng), contact number: 13874961676 

  [Recruitment] Wangcheng Biyunxuan Health Center urgently hires a regular beauty footbather, with a commission of 7,8,9, picking up minutes, 38,45,55, plus five yuan at one o'clock, 18874763500 WeChat same number, novice 

  [Recruitment] Recruiting front desk of this store is about 35 years old, salary is negotiable, work address: Yuelu District, bachelor of good night, opposite the Redwood Hall, interested parties, 13687379837 

  [Recruitment] This shop recruits supermarket tallymen, age 45 and below, salary negotiable, work address Lushan Villa Jiayi Supermarket, interested parties Telecom 18973162088 

  [Recruitment] The shop is now recruiting a receptionist, aged 20-30, salary 2000-3000, address: Building D7, Yuyuan Community, Xueshi District, Yuelu District, contact number 15717508668 

  "Recruitment" specially hires the information liaison officer of each area and township to buy a house. It is not used to work, check in!  As long as your relatives, friends or acquaintances need to buy a new house, provide basic information and mobile phone number, you can contact me immediately, I will be responsible for the rest of the problem, as long as the contract, tea fee 500 ~ ~ 2000 yuan, not capped ..... . This does not affect your normal work, and can help you earn pocket money, all you have to do is pay attention to inquire, and then pick up the phone to call!  Fortune Hotline 17775753170 

  [Recruitment] Recruitment of Qizhi Automobile Honorary Club, number of car washers, repairmen, salary interviews, meals and accommodation, address: Gaotangling Avenue (opposite to Caizicheng), contact number: 13874961676 

  [Recruitment] Say the important thing three times, Lan Si has raised his salary again!  Wages are up again!  Wages are up again!  The basic salary is synchronized with Shenzhen, and the post allowance and performance allowance have exceeded the coastal areas. [Yeah] [Yeah] [Yeah] Requirement: Unlimited men and women, 18-45 years old to buy five insurances and one fund; Dormitory: air-conditioning. . Cafeteria: Each meal company has a meal supplement for new employees with a base salary of 1900 yuan / month; a normalized base salary of 2030 yuan / month; a salary of 2100 yuan / month at the end of 2 years; a salary of 2200 yuan / month at the end of 3 years; Pay; overtime comprehensive monthly salary reaches 4500-6000 yuan / month recruitment hotline 15802584548 Peng, WeChat 18658127235] If you need to find a worker, you can contact me at any time 
  [Recruitment] Hunan Qiaopin Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. now recruits the following positions due to work needs: 1. Number of salespersons; those with working experience are preferred; salary is negotiable; Interview address: European Pavilion, 369 Xiangjiang North Road, Kaifu District 2 Floor, TEL: 15387581900 Miss Liu 

  [Recruitment] Jiahai Industrial Park, recruit male workers, with a daily salary of 120 yuan per day, organize the goods, eight hours a day, please call 13077355916 Lee intentionally 

  [Recruitment] Due to business expansion, the company urgently recruits the following employees.  Two picking staff, two years of driving experience (male 18-30 years old), one back office clerk, knowledge of computer operation ~ sales experience is preferred (female 18-35 years old) Work address: Wantian International, Wangcheng District, Changsha City.  Telephone consultation: 18684702422, do not add WeChat. 

Baptism 2

  [Recruitment] An office clerk.  Requirements: Female, 20-30 years old, with work experience and proficiency in office software.  Four days off each month, salary 2400-2800.  Contact number: 18975863688. 
  [Recruitment] Haisheng Port • Hello Dahai, we are looking forward to welcoming you all!  Join now!  Floor Supervisor / Catering Sales: Salary Negotiable Waiter / Vegetarian: 2400-3000 + commission cashier / cashier and warehouse manager: 2500-3000 Dishwasher: All posts above 2100-2300 include room and board, free bedding Welcome to inquire!  Address: The second floor of the Vienna Hotel, No. 399 Tongzipo Road, Hello Sea Seafood Restaurant (formerly Royal Dijing Hotel) Tel .: Mr. Pang 15748823919 

信息丨No.2 Job Search Information 丨 No. 2


  [Job hunting] I am 27 years old and I have a salary of about 3000. If there is any night shift near Xingang, please contact Ms. Au. Go to work, get off work at 5.30pm Contact: 13467905515 
  [Job search] I want to find a chef job in Changsha!  Have been engaged in the chef industry for eight years!  Experience!  Phone 158-7304-6593 Mr. Zhu 
  [Job search] I am a female, 33 years old, with good image and temperament, and have extensive hotel and restaurant management experience.  Want to find a job in Wangcheng area, salary over 4000!  Phone13739081126 
  [Job search] Hotel universal workers, utilities, network, induction door locks, stereos, microphones, telephones, televisions, projectors, conference rooms, years of work experience, contact number 18274836631 
  [Job Search] I am 29, male.  10 experiences in the auto repair industry.  Take the car to find a high salary, anything.  Phone 17752867689 

信息丨No.3 Selling information 丨 No.3


  [Sale] There is an authentic flower pig for sale at around 90 ~ 100 kg.  15273054500 

  [New house for sale] Gaoyu Natural City, 150m2, 9th floor, 13th floor, rough house, three bedrooms and two living rooms, good layout, elegant environment is your first choice for home, affordable, please contact Ms. Liu at 15874861257 if you are interested!  [Sale] Due to the expiration of the facade, a large number of anti-theft buckles, models, hangers, trousers racks, and shelves are sold. Interested parties please contact: 15807320887, 13789316498!  Welcome to negotiate!  Address: Haibei Women's Clothing 

信息丨No.4 Rental Information 丨 No.4


  [Warehouse rental] Warehouse rental, the height of nine meters.  Complete water and electricity.  Can also do small-scale machining.  Area 3OOM2.  Three-phase power.  Address: Hongwang Market, Gaotangling Town, Wangcheng District.  Interested please call 13975826188 Yan Sheng 
  [Gold facade leasing] Leifeng Avenue is right next to the block, step by step to win the cooked food factory, about 500 meters below the Maqiaohe gas station, convenient parking and a lot of people. The two-slot facade is for rent. Interested parties please contact: 13874805047, 18874260615. 
  [Leasing] 6.8 and 4.2 flatbed trucks, Changsha Freight Line, direct access to logistics stations and any place in Hunan Province.  Safe and trustworthy, welcome to call to make an appointment (Master 18874242257 Yang, please save the phone, WeChat same number)!  Thank you all for promoting! 
  [Rent] Existing warehouse for rent: about 1,000 square meters, suitable for warehouse accommodation and processing.  Complete water and electricity (380v), separate house.  Congyou prices.  Address: Lei Feng fills Zhenrenqiao Village, next to Jinzhou Avenue.  Contact person: Ms. Liu: 18108475587.15874025348. [Plant for rent] 500 square meters of workshop near the central edge of Qitianmiao Village, Qitianmiao Village, Bairuopu Town, Wangcheng District and Jinzhou Avenue, with convenient transportation and stable voltage, 139-7484- 5189 Mr. Li (same number on WeChat) 

信息丨No.5 Transfer Information 丨 No.5


  Store transfer, with an area of about 108 square meters (currently operating global goods).  Address: Facade 1112-1113, Area B, Pedestrian Street, Wangcheng District, Changsha City.  Phone: 1511310602, 15874227222 

  [Priority price transfer] There are 5 single-layer iron racks in the staff dormitory. If you need it, please contact 15111221233, address (Qingzhu Lake Xia Ning Community), but you need to drag it by yourself. 

  [Wangpu transfer] Wangpu transfer at the entrance of Tianxin District Railway School.  Due to the child's transfer to school, this facade needs to be transferred to sell fine products, toys, daily chemicals, etc.  Business is stable and stable.  Nearby are Sanyin Community, Nanyuan Community, Railway Community, there is a small middle school, and the Central Hospital is opposite.  There are two rooms upstairs.  Habitable.  Interested parties please call Ms. Zhou 13130710711. 

  [Vehicle transfer] I have a home Buick Excelle car, black, a few days away in 2009, driving more than 80,000 kilometers, the whole car has no accidents, the front and rear bumpers are original, you have to change the car to endure pain, love The price is 32,000 yuan, please contact the phone at 13748875099 

  [Transfer] I have 2 sets of 90% new desks with low prices, price interviews or telephone consultations, address: Jiaqing Industrial Park, Zhongqing Road, interested parties: 13548579202 

  [Facade transfer] Wangpu transfer: Due to urgent matters at home, the Tianma Student Apartment of Hunan Normal University is now facing the street shop and restaurant and housing <for 3-4 people> and the price is high (suitable for morning meal, fried dough sticks, buns, and cover code) (Rice, xiaoxiao and barbecue), the shop area is 37 square meters, and the former square is 25 square meters.  Contact number: 13170308570.  Mr. Wen 

信息丨No.6 Other information 丨 No.6


  [Rental] The frontal rental company is asking for a frontal facade due to the preparation of the flagship store: 1. It is located near Changsha large and medium-sized schools and has a large traffic flow, and the doorway is convenient for unloading; 2. The area is between 60 and 100 square meters. Need to have a loft 3, facade Zhengzheng, good location, if you have relevant resources, please let me know, do not appreciate it Contact: 1895895857 (WeChat same number) 

  [Acquisition] I bought a large amount of coins and three or four editions of banknotes 1. Plum five-corner coins 91 yuan 2 yuan, 92 yuan 2 yuan, 93 yuan 6 yuan, 94 yuan 3 yuan, other years 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 0.8 yuan per peony 1 yuan coin, 2 yuan in 1991, 1.1 yuan in 1992, 1.5 yuan in 1993, 1.1 yuan in 1991, 2, 3 and 4 editions of each denomination, according to the price of the bargain .  The above acquisitions can be picked up in large quantities. Contact Mr. Wu honestly: 15074806295, or add WeChat 15074806295 Address: West Binhu Road, Xianglong Road, Changsha County 

  [Purchase] I want to buy a second-hand agricultural vehicle within the scope of Changsha. I require a yellow card, with booster pressure, the body weight does not exceed 5T, complete the procedures, and the vehicle is in good condition.  Tel. 13507478064. Mr. Li 

  [Buy] Buy a few hundred catties of dry straw, near Shaping Beishan Qingzhu Lake, the price is 13974870295 

  [Lost and found] I found a driver's license in 18 Gospel Medicine No. in Xinglian Community.  Car owners can pick it up at Xinglian Community 18. 

  [Buy] 10 years after the purchase, Zhonglian, XCMG, Sany 50-ton car crane, with formalities, no accidents, no economic disputes, it is best to be Hunan households, sincerely do not disturb, wealth hotline 13808472648 (WeChat synchronization) [Advertising] There are authentic The price of wild yellow sturgeon loach, catfish price 50 ~ 60 a catty, loach 35 catty. Friends in need, please contact 13975283021 

  [Bid for rent] is suitable for catering facade!  Unlimited area from 300 to 600!  Facade is on the street, good parking!  Prosperous location!  (Puri Avenue near Juziling) Tel 15211036791 Miss Liu 
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