hg2808.com hg2808.com [Exclusive] Junyao Dairy plans healthy IPO by the end of the year

[Exclusive] Junyao Dairy plans healthy IPO by the end of the year

Public number: FMCG Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:26:58

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Ali Ali

(Exclusive news of FMCG) If you have watched a TV series "Two People in Wenzhou" broadcast by CCTV, or witnessed the award of the Golden Eagle Hundred Flowers Award, you may not be interested in "Taste Power" lactic acid bacteria beverage and "Qin drink" lactic acid bacteria water. Unfamiliar. In addition, David from across the country broadcasts no less than 12 hard-broadcast broadcasts every day. High-density advertising and unique product positioning have driven the good market performance of WeiDong series of drinks. Private enterprise group-Junyao Group. In 2016, under the pressure of rising costs, Junyao Dairy continued to grow rapidly throughout the year.

Atmospheric milk drink

Junyao Dairy currently focuses on "Taste Power" room temperature lactic acid bacteria beverages. In 2016, it launched a new product "Taste Power" Qin drink. Through the endorsement of the well-known table tennis player Wang Liqin, with "do your stomach and stomach" as the demand, many domestic TV The brand image established by intensive high-altitude launch and large investment has left a deep impression on consumers. Mr. Xu Biao, Vice President of Junyao Group, told “Fast Consumer Goods”: WeiDong normal temperature lactic acid bacteria beverages currently take second and third tier cities as the main target consumer market. In the face of competition, they insist on differentiated product operations and are committed to improving brand reputation and obtaining Got very good results.

Mr. Xu Biao, Vice President of JuneYao Group

Upgraded new product launch

With the upgrading of consumption, in March 2017, "Taste Power" launched a new fruit-flavored product-double-fermented cellulite juice lactic acid bacteria beverage with dual fermentation "not just doing exercises for your stomach" as a declaration, this product adopts double fermentation Technology, the addition of real fruit juices, featuring the rich flavor of fruit milk, which is also an upgrade of the original product. Regarding the way of dissemination of new products, Mr. Xu revealed to FMCG: Unlike the past brand propaganda, with the gradual decline of the role of traditional media, how to disseminate the brand and how to present it more three-dimensionally is also a question that needs to be considered at present. "FMCG" learned that the new product currently has two flavors of green apple and blueberry, with a retail price of about 6 yuan.

Kou Zhi

Healthy IPO at the end of the year

In 2017, Junyao Dairy opened its first year of investment. The new Zhejiang Yinzhou Dairy Base is planned to be put into production, which will further increase the endogenous profit growth of food. "FMCG" was informed that Junyao Dairy has invested in the establishment of a new company, Shanghai Qimengsing Food Co., Ltd., which will focus on creating "Qimengsing" brand children's food, and then realize multi-sector operation of beverages and snack foods. In addition, it is planned to start the listing of Juneyao Milk's main board at the end of 2017. The funds raised will be invested in the layout of the food industry to further promote the development of the large health sector. This will be the fourth Juneyao Group after Juneyao Airlines, Aijian Group and Great Eastern. Listed companies.


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