m.hg559h.com The Eight Immortals have their magical powers across the sea. Who is the "strongest person to ask questions"?

The Eight Immortals have their magical powers across the sea. Who is the "strongest person to ask questions"?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Love Lu Yan's novels before marriage

Even though spring has slowly landed on the ground, Qiang's mind is a little dim, because this week is the last game of the International PK Tournament of Chinese and Foreign Hall of Fame. In other words, the fourth season of "The Strongest Brain" has also come to an end. Brother Qiang is reluctant to have brain fans, and he is also reluctant to have so many celebrity guests with distinctive features in the fourth quarter. Today, the strong brothers will judge according to their wonderful performance, who is the "strongest person to ask questions"!

Jay Chou

that's amazing!

Jay Chou is a frequent visitor to "The Strongest Brain". He has been a special guest and questioner in all four seasons. Just like the innovation of the show every year, Jay Chou brings new changes every time, from being single in the first season to getting married in the second season, and then to the third season's grandpa, finally reaching the fourth season. Practice makes perfect, but even learns to learn from each other!

In the "Shadow Shadow Tracking" project, Jaylen Gong gave a wit to the stumbling player. He deliberately said Bao Gong to mess up Xie Chaodong's thinking before the question, causing him to mistakenly think that he would come up with Bao Gong-related problems. But the innocent Xie Chaodong actually jumped into the pit, and in the "Bao Gong Grand Review", he has always paid attention to Bao Gong, ignoring other roles and causing the wrong answer to the third question. Brother Qiang just wants to say that the urban routine is deep. I want to go back to the countryside and miss the unintentional Jay Chou!

"Flood Girl" Fu Yuanhui

Old spirited young girl!

For the strong brother who loves to make an expression pack, the favorite star guest is Fu Honghui, a "Honghuang girl". The innocent smile and funny body language made the audience deeply remember this lively young girl. Extroverted and cheerful, she even mingled with Teacher Jiang at the scene. Brother Qiang thought he had come to the crosstalk scene!

In the project "Most Reminiscent of the Jiangnan", Fu Yuanhui has overcome the addiction of the person who asked the question, and even picked several options that are difficult and difficult to grasp from the details, and made Su Zehe, a "brain magician" difficult. Live it! However, in the end, Su Zehe spent some energy, successfully passed the level, and successfully held hands with Fu Yuanhui. As the first female guest to have a successful hand in hand with a male player, the vitality girl Fu Yuanhui also became the "strongest questioner"!

"Iron Hammer" Lang Ping

I will never show mercy!

Volleyball's strongest coach "Iron Hammer" Lang Ping also left a strong stroke on the stage of "The Strongest Brain". She is serious and eager to learn, and pursues details but is also full of tenderness. in. In the show, she showed the approachability that was not available in weekday training, but it is really memorable!

Lang, who always pays attention to the fairness and fairness of the game, has a serious and rigorous style. He will ask the rules of the game every time. When the questions are asked, he will choose them based on the weaknesses of the players. The trickiness of the question made Wang Feng, the "memory king", almost wrong. The vicious eyes accumulated over many years of experience and the skills of finding loopholes are a must. This is the "strongest person who can answer the question"!

In fact, Qiangge knows that there are also many powerful star guests on the show, such as the cute food Fuyuan Ai, the heavenly daughter "Diving Queen" Wu Minxia, and the sweet and hot mom Xu Xiying. Each of them is unique and unique. But in the mind of Qiang Brother, there is one best candidate, and that is Jiang Changjian, the gold medal host!

There was something wrong, it was Teacher Jiang! Teacher Jiang hosted "The Strongest Brain" for the whole four seasons, and finally got the first question in the "Paint and Paint" project. The excitement began to tremble involuntarily. What's more, this question made all guests, The whole army, including Wei and Wei, was annihilated! At this moment, the wisdom of Teacher Jiang was unanimously recognized by the guests and the audience. This is what the "strongest questioner" should look like!

Prefectural Circle of Friends

In the minds of your brain fans, who is the true "strongest person to ask questions"? In the eyes of Brother Qiang, everyone who comes to the guest of "The Strongest Brain" is "the strongest person to ask the question", because each of you is so resourceful, decisive and intelligent! At 21:10 this week, Jiangsu Satellite TV's "The Strongest Brain", the third international game, is waiting for you to cheer for the Chinese Hall of Fame!

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