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The so-called "professional" and "expert"

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From Beijing to Jinchang, the fastest is to fly to Lanzhou and then arrive by long-distance bus. The first two times I sat on the long distance, watching the blue sky and the mountains along the way, my heart was also lost and I was happy, and I couldn't stop taking pictures. Besides, I was sitting in front of the car watching the driver driving. The driver was very skilled. I wondered. When my car was not popular in the past, the driver's profession was also very enviable. When I was a kid, many children watched the driver move the handle. In the game, also find a stick next to you and pretend to shift gears. Driving was a profession in the past. Many people have been driving full-time all their lives. Now drivers should be considered professional. It seems that everyone cooks themselves. The master is better than us and the chef is professional.

The so-called "professional" is a professional that is mature, and the inside is all in my heart. An acquaintance who appraised ancient coins, he could probably tell whether it was real or not when you took out the coins from his pocket. You do n’t have to use a variety of instruments to break it up. In fact, he is skilled. The sky is in it. Various legends deduced by his appraisal of coins spread on the market. In fact, he knew that it was an evil statement. In him, it was as simple as "one". About 2006, a company in Taiwan acquired a large set of bronze sculptures that had been demolished in a museum in the mainland. The trustee asked me to see it. I did not touch it, and I did not look around, telling them that it was indeed Copper, where is the origin, thickness 1.5 mm, maximum undulation 6 cm, where there are solder joints on the back, where is soldering, where is brazing, the production time will not exceed 8 years, who should the author be, and they ask how I know, I think about it, I do n’t know, I do n’t know if I know it, it ’s the feeling, I ’m here all day, so I know.

"Professional" is actually very simple. It is nothing more than doing something for a long time. I have n’t understood everything since I majored, so I call it "there is a mountain beyond the mountain", because there are still more years, so there is a saying "endless learning." It ’s not professional and normal to grow old, because there ’s another word called “Absolutely Absent”. If you are absent, then absentmind. Maybe it ’s not suitable for you. It ’s just a good job to change the industry. . After you've become professional, go for it. Anyway, you've done it all and lived it all. If you feel that the hard work is comfortable, then it's time to be an "expert". Without experts, people are better at living in other areas. It is not rare to be an expert. Also, when they are all experts, they hug each other and kick, scratch, spit, and spit. Therefore, if you are a professional or an expert, there is no reason to be proud. Don't show off that you are an expert. Sometimes an expert is a foolish person in other fields. It may also be synonymous with "stupidity".

Everyone has a professional, everyone can be an expert. Suddenly I think of Han Yu's "The Teacher's Talk", and I like the following sentence: ... There is a specialization in surgery, just that. In fact, what I like is "as it is." According to my understanding, it is "it's just the way". Like myself, I can face countless people's professional questions, but the shame of the wine table is unfamiliar. So, someone called the other person "missing", but in fact he was "missing."

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