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Little Squirrel and Little Star

Public number : Gexianshan Township Central Primary School , Leadshan County Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:25:47

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22 日早,中二班教室迎来了一位新朋友,小朋友们猜猜是谁呢? On the morning of March 22 , a new friend was ushered in the second and the second classrooms. Children guess who it is? The teacher Ting Ting who coached first showed the little friend the little friend's tail, and the smart children recognized it at a glance. Isn't that just a little squirrel! What will happen to children and little squirrels today? It turned out that the little squirrel prepared a good story for the children. Now let's go and listen with the little squirrel!

PPT 和幼儿一起看图说故事! Teacher Cai broadcasts the prepared PPT and tells the story with the children! 是怎样的。 Let the child listen to the story and look at the pictures to understand how the little squirrel's mood changes . Ms. Cai asked the children to tell what kind of little squirrels and little stars they saw while telling the story, to understand the emotions of the little squirrels, and to choose a suitable expression for them.

In the end, Ms. Cai raised two questions:

1. Do you like the little squirrel that just started picking stars? why.

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2. If you were this little squirrel, what would you do?

In this class, the children realized that things will be more beautiful if everyone appreciates them together. We should not only experience the emotional changes of the little squirrels, but also feel the emotional changes of the little stars, but also extend this emotion to nature, so that young children know that we should maintain an appreciation angle for things in nature We must also learn to love the plants and trees around us, and everyone around us, so that our world will become better! !! !!

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