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Face "suddenly oily and dry"? Should I replenish water or control oil?

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Some people may wonder whether they have dry skin, oily skin or mixed skin. Because of the face, sometimes it is greasy to touch the face in summer, and all white small crumbs when touched in winter. This mode of switching back and forth is like a day in June. When you say change, you are caught off guard. When you are still exploring and adapting to dry skin, you suddenly become oily. So, in this case, should we replenish water or control oil first?

Why is this happening

皮脂腺 分泌过多的油脂,在肌肤表面就形成了一层油膜。 The skin looks oily because the sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, forming an oil film on the skin surface.

角质层 的含水量不足造成的。 Dryness is not caused by low oil content , but by insufficient moisture in the stratum corneum .

干燥 代表角质层的功能薄弱,而 油腻 则代表皮脂腺的功能亢进,并不是两个 对立 的概念。 In simple terms, dryness means that the stratum corneum is weak, while greasy means that the sebaceous glands are hyperfunctional, not two opposing concepts.

Does excessive cleansing make your skin oilier?

The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands is like a translucent film covering the skin. As the sebum secretion increases, the oil film becomes thicker, and the sebaceous glands will feel a certain pressure, which will slow down the secretion.

后,油膜被除去,皮脂腺感受到的压力减小,存储的油脂也会更顺畅地排出,表现为清洁后油脂分泌加快。 After cleansing , the oil film is removed, the pressure felt by the sebaceous glands is reduced, and the stored oil will be discharged more smoothly, which is manifested by the accelerated secretion of oil after cleaning.

However, it is not that more oil is synthesized, but that the stored oil is discharged more quickly.

Therefore, excessive cleansing will not only damage the sebum film, but also make the skin's oil secretion faster, so it may look more greasy.

For oily skin, moderate cleansing is not required.

Why is your skin dry?

10%-20% 左右,当角质层含水量 低于 10%时就会感觉皮肤粗糙干燥,甚至产生脱屑。 The moisture content of the normal stratum corneum is about 10% -20% . When the moisture content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will feel rough and dry, and even desquamation will occur.

There are many reasons for the reduction of moisture in the stratum corneum. Cold and dry environments, air pollution, air conditioning, and cabin environment can easily dry the skin.  

基底层 到最外面的 角质层 ,水分含量递减。 Although the skin barrier is complex, its essential function is simple physical diffusion. From the deepest basal layer of the epidermis to the outermost stratum corneum , the moisture content decreases.

When the moisture in the surface layer decreases, the moisture in the inner layer diffuses outward to replenish the evaporated moisture.

When the stratum corneum is damaged, the water lost through the stratum corneum will increase. If the skin is insufficiently hydrated, it will cause the epidermis to dry and lose water. In the long run, it will also cause desquamation and skin sensitivity.

Reasons for outside oil to dry inside

粉刺 The partner who dries outside the oil is because the sebaceous glands are exhaling oil, and because the barrier of the stratum corneum is damaged, and the moisture lost from the epidermis cannot be replenished in time, so the skin is rough and dry at the same time, it is very greasy, and it is also prone to acne .

How to save
Gentle Cleansing

Many skins that are oily and dry inside are caused by excessive cleansing. Excessive cleansing destroys the stratum corneum structure and reduces the skin's water retention. So be sure to be gentle when cleaning your face.

Cleansing Tips 1: Makeup remover for oily skin

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Many friends with oily skin will worry that makeup remover cleansing oil is too oily. In fact, oily skin even needs makeup remover "oil-soluble oil" to rub out the oil stains and small acne in the pores.

As long as you avoid the mineral oil ingredients, choose a vegetable oil-based product and fully emulsify it without worrying about the makeup oils exacerbating the burden on your skin.


Cleansing Tips 2: Cleansing Steps

Choose a moisturizing facial cleanser that absorbs dirt without pulling the skin excessively.

Start to apply the foam to the T area that is most prone to oiling, and massage with the circular motion of your fingertips to clear out the pores and dirt.

Less oil on both cheeks, just slide the remaining foam lightly over your cheeks.

Rinse the foam with "splashing".

Gentle exfoliation

Choosing a gentle exfoliation will not only help the horny cells in the T zone to regenerate, but also regulate the secretion of skin oils. Then add a moisturizing lotion to add sufficient moisture to the dry keratin, and the condition of dryness of the outer oil will gradually improve. But exfoliating is good and you can't be greedy.


外油内干 ”肌肤的重点。 "External oil and dry inside" skin is not because the skin is too hydrated, but because the skin is dehydrated, so hydration is the focus of care for " external oil and dry inside " skin.

Use a moisturizing lotion after moisturizing the lotion

软化 修复 角质层。 After using the moisturizing lotion, choose a light and moisturizing lotion, start with circular massage from the dry cheeks, soften and repair the cuticle.

If you are worried that the lotion is too greasy, you can turn over the lotion after wet application, use a semi-dry cotton pad instead of your palm, and apply the lotion in a circular motion from the dry cheeks, not only moisturizing the skin, but also not worry about the burden of oil .

Moisturizing mask once a week

建议 “外油内干”肌肤的小伙伴每周应该做 次保湿面膜,让肌肤汲取更多的水分,使角质层水分更饱满。 The mask can quickly hydrate the skin, so in addition to daily moisturizing care, it is recommended that friends with "external oil and dry inside" skin should make a moisturizing mask once a week to allow the skin to draw more moisture and make the stratum corneum fuller.

Oil control

Many girls put on a very refreshing base makeup in the morning, but at noon it becomes a big face because of oil. What can I do? It is recommended that small partners can use oil control products to solve this little trouble.

吸油纸 吸取油光后,用喷雾在脸上喷水,但是要在30秒内擦干 ,最后补擦粉饼,就可以摆脱油光满面的尴尬啦。 When applying makeup, first use oil-absorbent paper to absorb the shine, then spray water on the face with a spray, but dry it within 30 seconds, and finally apply the powder, you can get rid of the embarrassment of shine.

How to control oil and skin care and adjust the state of the face is the first thing we must understand. Only by knowing your skin type and your own skin can you do good skin care in the future.

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