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Those ancient poems that "see each other late"

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I am not born, I am old.

Jun hates me for being late, and I hate him for being early.

I am not born, I am old.

At the same time hate is not born, day and day are good.

——Don Anonymous

Also, Jun Mingzhu cried with tears, when she met her unmarried.

——Tang Zhang Ji "Festival Woman's Yin"

On the night of turning over hatred, but lying sick but sad.

Hui Ai Nan Weng Yue, the aftermath affects the elderly.

——Tang Du Fu's "The County of Zhao Shiming"

Climbing even more meet each other late, talk and laugh unforgettable.

——Song Wang Anshi's "Begger Envoy"

It's a long time to meet and hate each other.

It's not ruthless, it's all for the sake of, the cause of the clutch is unpredictable.

——Song Wujing's "Nian Nu Jiao"

At that time, I met each other and hated each other.

Don't recall the fairy posture in the back, blow flute jade on the road.

Where does the bar do twelve, and the balcony song.

——Song Fang Qianli's "Six Commandments"

When I first met, Jun hate each other late.

Planet Margin 2

A Qin Zheng bomb was not over, but Zhaoyang resentment.

——Song Zhu Dunru's "Qing Ping Le"

Yan Ya state, bright eyes return to beautiful hope. Concentric.

Count the Guoyan immortal, turn to hate each other late.

——Song Liu Yong's "Dongxiange"

Meeting love will be deep, hate to meet early.

——Song Shijiu Jian's "Budget"

Ye Dejun still hates being late, and can understand that I have no one for a long time.

——Song Wang Anshi, "Ji Yun Wu Jiye Goodbye"

The land has Gaozhai to be famous.

Meet the hate late, the old 矣 wine soldier poet handsome.

The old cold laughs and the millennium.

——Yuan Cheng Wenhai's "Emperor Emperor Yun Yun Yun Yao Muzheng Titled Hanting Pavilion", this time the original one attached to the Muyangquan

Fengjun already hates late, so what about it?

Mainland dragons and snakes rose, and Jiangnan experienced many storms.

Si Min is stunned, my generation is still stunned.

Who will return to Taihe once the country returns?

——Li Dazhao's "Yu Xun has not traveled for a long time, Xiang Wu went to Edo again, and gave it away"

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