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Transfer | Zhejiang Jinhua 2015 Grand Trade Honda CTX1300

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报警为第一选择! The following information is provided by the owner himself. If there is a fake trade or a vehicle of unknown origin, the alarm is the first choice!

Brand Honda Model and configuration CTX1300 Vehicle color black Vehicle location Jinhua Yongkang Vehicle Year 2015 driven distance 0 License situation no License plate for sale Not to be sold Bare car prices 235000 Contact person A Yao contact number 15888911779 WeChat 15888911779

15 Honda Grand Trade CTX1300, new car, long-distance cruise, 1261CC, V4 engine, sound waves, 5-speed gearbox, handlebar heating, hydraulic clutch, shaft drive, ABS, traction control system, Bose audio, front 130 rear 200 The original price is 235,000, and it is sold at a preferential price of 210,000. If you are interested, you can knife. Phone 15889911779 (same number on WeChat)

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