htt hg020.com When the Forbidden City runs at night and meets the groom officer ~~~

When the Forbidden City runs at night and meets the groom officer ~~~

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Westward Journey from scratch

Imperceptibly, the Night Run of the Forbidden City has been running for 12 periods. There is a happy memory behind each chapter. This love, this persistence ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the day he received his marriage certificate, there was a little shyness towards the camera, and his family members also supported him in running. Every Tuesday night run in the Forbidden City had approved him to come to the Forbidden City. Everyone shared the groom's wedding candy!

3.19 is the day of qualitative leap in running plan. Each participant is PB. Several people gathered to study the Tin Horse Medal. You can also feel your envy look across the screen ~~~

Many male comrades are talking about taking more pictures of beautiful women, so this picture of holding left and right is produced, so the cries of the partners in the group: "I want to be the ocean"!

3.19 came a blow to Zhang Xiaococo, but unexpectedly it was this one—brother, look at this unimpressive look, and everyone ’s performance over and over again in my mind: Alphabet Brother 308, Shen 311, Gyro 313, Tiantian 313, Totti 316, Yan Wang 321, Lao Yang 329, Lucifer 340, Zhang Di 348, Gisella 349, Shangguan Xiao Yu 349, Lao Yao 356, Internet Red 357, Sloth 400, He Shi 412 + Beautiful Woman, Han Mo 412 , Jingjing 425, Persian 429, Classical 448, Zhang Xiaococo 449 .... you are all staring at me ~~~

…… Brother Totti and Lao Yang went to run heavy horses together. Rarely came to the Forbidden City to share the story of hot pot horses and running experience. If you want to be fast, you must keep up with the running volume . ……

The gyro gods with handsome, fast running, cross-country gods, enthusiastic and other tags shared with everyone on behalf of the Xima PB group. Although wet by the rain, they still ran better results, strength, core exercises, and running volume. Admirable Dasao (None of the Great Gods) That Haven't Fallen Away

The classics that transcended Ke Ke's position and shared her experience of Xi Ma. I was 1 minute faster than Ke. . .

Congratulations to three beauties

Rarely unveiled the grandfather of the Rat today, the sports towel worth 69 yuan ~ ~ ~ Su Jixi partners became the second lucky one!

2.26 Sister Min and Wei Yi participated in the Tokyo Marathon together and ran very good results. Today, they arranged the children and took time to come to the Forbidden City. They brought delicious snacks to everyone. The third lucky child, Guo Yangwen, won the prize. Congratulations to the above three lucky ones ~~~

Although there is a slight haze, we still run very happily. After the busy day of work, run a hearty run, you can also relax this way, welcome to join us and run together to run better ourselves! !! !!

When someone brushed Weibo and friends in the drama, we have already run ten kilometers, and live up to time, many people will say that they are too busy, no time to run, do you really have no time? The most difficult is often trying to overcome yourself before you start, you will fall in love with this feeling of running ☀☼☀

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