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[Wonder] This is called tourism

Public number: Self-education meeting of the hospital Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:24:27

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Phantom Runaway

The scenery is on the road, from scenic spots to small signs on the side of the road, which can become attractions in people's eyes. Some buildings are very popular because of their unique designs. Have you ever seen these wonderful buildings?

Once tall buildings were simply tall and awe-inspiring. Nowadays, some tall buildings stand like a pagoda in a large group of buildings. By night, in the flash of lights, it becomes the legendary exquisite pagoda .

Many people are eager to take a look at the sky gardens of world attractions. Perhaps in order to achieve such a beautiful vision, someone has created a beautiful garden in their own home.

Looking up inadvertently, seeing a giant avatar, would you feel shocked if you saw it for the first time? It is a great architectural wonder.

There are too many high-rise buildings that like to play with shapes, but I want to attract everyone's attention in the middle of a high-rise building. Some people have made the high-rise building into a gun shape.

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Some buildings look no different at will, but in fact its top floor is where the architect cares about it, because it looks like an airfield on it, which is really interesting.

No matter how brilliant or magnificent the building is, it embodies the wisdom and creativity of the architect, and it is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of countless people. We must not only see the appearance of those buildings, but also understand how to appreciate their design concepts.

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