www.hg16.com "Goddess Festival" Coexistence of beauty and health, women need to be nice to themselves ~

"Goddess Festival" Coexistence of beauty and health, women need to be nice to themselves ~

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Country story

Women's Day

"External beauty is your capital, internal beauty is your culture,

Gentleness is your taste, virtuousness is your essence,

Kindness is your nature, happiness is my blessing to you,

Happy Goddess Day, I wish you youth always! "

Goddess Day event

Event warm-up time: 2017.3.3 ~ 2017.3.5 (Tmall members have more preferential privileges ~)

Activity time: 2017.3.6 ~ 2017.3.8

Activity platform:

Activity surprise

Surprise 1: All people celebrate

All products in Tmall Store and Taobao Store are sold at low discount prices (for event prices, please log in to the official Tmall Store and Taobao Store on the event day ~ you will not be disappointed ~).

Surprise 2: Loaded

All products in the venue enjoy buy 2 get 1 free (same product), buy more, get more.

得天独厚 Surprise 3: Unique

,活动预热期间,天猫会员独享无门槛使用代金券。 Tmall members enjoy privileges . During the event warm-up period, Tmall members have exclusive access to vouchers.

Surprise 4: Rain and dew all stick

All orders are free shipping, the default is Zhongtong (other express delivery will make up the difference as appropriate).

In March 2017

To start the day

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Ms. Fruits and Vegetables

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Women's cereal

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Caring for yourself and being happy

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