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Dry lips? It's time to use this big trick

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We often encounter this kind of problem. The lips are dry, the skin is cracked, and sometimes the hands are torn to tear, and then bleed, or licked with a moist tongue, and we find that the more we lick, the more we dry. In fact, find another person to help you lick, so that it will not be very dry. Of course, just a joke.

Everything has a cause and a cause. So let's talk about the reasons first.

Water shortage

This reason is important and often overlooked by many people. It is very ordinary, skin dehydration will cause skin peeling, there are many white dandruffs. Similarly, dehydration of lips will also cause lips to chapped and begin peeling. Layer by layer, it feels not torn off and not good, torn off It hurts again.

The human body needs water. When we walk in the desert and lack water, the first reaction is to chapped our lips, or when we live in a place full of wind and sand and water, you will find that these people ’s lips are more likely to crack. Come. Therefore, hydration is not only needed for the skin, but also extremely desperate for the lips.

lack of sleep

Black question mark face. I've heard that staying up late hurts the liver and causes dark circles, how does this lack of sleep cause dry lips. When we say good complexion, we mean that the blood supply is sufficient to reach every nerve ending in our body, and the lips are rich in capillaries and nerve endings. Insufficient sleep will cause discomfort and disorders in your entire body system, leading to qi and blood Insufficient to supply. At this point, your lips will start to become lighter, their functions will decline, and they will begin to appear dry and cracked.

Not paying attention to sun protection

Sun protection not only prevents skin discoloration, it also prevents your lips from becoming chapped. Just like in the hot summer, your first reaction is your lips. The skin on the lips is thinner and thinner, which can be easily injured by UV rays and become sensitive.

bad habit

For example, if you like to lick your lips, lick your lips at every turn and lick your lips subconsciously. I think a moist tongue will hydrate and make lips less dry. What's in your mouth isn't hydrating, otherwise you thirst and drool. The truth is that the enzymes in saliva absorb moisture from the lips and make them drier.

Lack of vitamins

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If the corners of your mouth begin to crack and there are white secretions in the corners of your mouth, it is a sign of lack of vitamins. Lip cracking is related to the lack of fresh vegetables in daily life and insufficient vitamins in the human body.

Abuse of poor lipstick

We don't recommend buying inferior lipsticks because the formulas and additives in them will cause more damage to delicate lips. The same is true for lipsticks, because cheap lipsticks contain a large amount of oil that has not been carefully purified and too much wax, some of which are unstable animal and plant natural oils that easily oxidize and give off odors; too much waxy can affect the lips The metabolism of the skin.


多喝水。 1 Drink plenty of water.

Moisturizing your body is an important step, so you need to know how to hydrate. When your lips are chapped, apply a hot towel on your lips for 3-5 minutes, then use a soft brush to gently brush off the dead skin on your lips. Then, Apply lip balm and be careful not to apply lipstick immediately, as this will hurt the tender skin of the lips.

补充维生素 2 vitamin supplements

Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, avoid spicy and irritating food. Drink less alcohol and smoke less.

良好习惯 3 good habits

Do n’t lick your lips, just lick your mouth. Remember to wear a mask to protect your delicate lips when you go out on a sunny day.

Don't underestimate the chapped lips. Not only is it easy to itch, it will hurt, but it may also become serious, even swollen and eroded. After all, lips do n’t have cuticles and they are easily damaged.

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