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Who said that intergenerational education must be poor, if you ca n’t bring your own children, please understand the elderly

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Intergenerational education is more harmful than good? Or do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

For generations of education, many people are often "talking about tiger changes", which is a realistic problem that many young parents now have to face. Everyone's views on intergenerational education can often tell a lot of bad, but in fact, intergenerational education also has its benefits. Here Grandma Zhang wants to say to young people: To correctly understand intergenerational education, the elderly are not obliged to help you bring your children. If you do not have the conditions to raise children yourself, then please understand the elderly more.

What are the benefits of intergenerational education?

陪伴孩子、观察孩子的成长特点,及时发现孩子成长的问题并及时指正; ① The elderly have more free time, they can have more time to accompany the child, observe the growth characteristics of the child, find out the problem of the child's growth in time and correct it in time;

② Have blood relationship, and have richer childcare and social experience than young people, and help the child's growth guidance;

③ Intergenerational education can effectively alleviate the problem of old-age dependency. Children and the elderly live together, so that they can take care of both the children and the elderly.

Contradictions arise in intergenerational education

How should communication be mediated?

The disagreement between the two generations is the main source of contradictions in intergenerational education. When contradictions arise, what should young parents do?

Grandma Zhang advises parents not to directly point out the mistakes of the elderly, and this method often has unexpected results. For example, you do n’t want the elderly to feed their children something. Do n’t point out directly to the elderly:

Mom, how many times have I told you not to give this food to your child, why don't you listen?

Put another way, for example:

"Mom, you worked hard today, remember to take more rest. Today, I heard from colleagues that she gave the child food (you don't want the old man to feed the child). The doctor said that eating this is not good for the child."

Changing the angle is easier for the elderly, and the elderly are more willing to correct.

Affirm the hard work of the elderly in time, give the elderly a proper vacation, ask the elderly to watch a movie, report to a tourist group to relax, etc. Let the elderly realize that their children are worthy of themselves. Even if they were unhappy, they would soon disappear. These are effective ways to improve the contradictions in intergenerational education.

Doting and petting are indistinguishable

Brother Xianwu

What to do if the two generations have different parenting ideas?

It is said that the parents are relatives, so the elderly are relatively easy to love their children. For this reason, many young parents are also worried that the elderly at home will overspoil their children and affect their healthy growth. So what do you do when you disagree with the parenting perspective of the elderly? Grandma Zhang suggested that you can communicate the parenting methods agreed by the two parties in advance, and that the two sides reach an agreement can greatly reduce the chance of subsequent conflicts. ,将对孩子的不利影响降到最低。 At the same time, Grandma Zhang also reminded parents that when two generations have problems communicating, they should pay attention to avoid their children to minimize the adverse effects on their children.

What should parents do when they are busy with work and efficient quality companionship?

Many moms and dads have the above-mentioned distresses. Busy moms and dads always want to maximize the effectiveness of the time spent with their children? But no effective method was found. Grandma Zhang feels that quality companionship is actually not that difficult. Many parents do n’t understand their children because you are not focused enough and patiently in the process of accompanying your child. The first step in quality companionship is to be patient and focused enough. Listen to your child's thoughts and believe that it can greatly improve your parent-child relationship.

You who are experiencing intergenerational education

Grandma Zhang wants to tell you?

Elderly people, Grandma Zhang wants to say to you: In the process of bringing children, remember to have your own life, have your own hobbies, learn new childcare knowledge in time, keep pace with the times, and let your life live More meaningful.

Young moms and dads, please look squarely at intergenerational education. Intergenerational education is not necessarily bad. When a problem occurs, the two generations can sit down and communicate well. Problems that cannot be solved without communication, and looking at the problem from another angle may have unexpected results.

Secondly, understand more about the old people. At this stage, they should have enjoyed their old age, living a comfortable life after retirement, enjoying flowers and fishing, and how to be comfortable! But in order to let young people work hard for their own business, they gave up their comfortable In his later years, he took on the responsibility of taking care of his grandchildren, so please cherish the parents who help you with your children at home. Please understand them more and respect them.

After reading the practical sharing of Grandma Zhang, Xiaowan summarized

First, the main source of conflicts is disagreement. An effective way to resolve disagreement is for two generations to reach a consensus.

2. When something goes wrong, don't split your head and cover your face to point out the problem. Changing angles may have unexpected ways.

Third, high-quality companionship depends on whether the parents are attentive and patient.

4. Please cherish the old people who help you with your baby at home, and understand and tolerate more.

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