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Teachers and students of Gongchangling District Middle School visit our school

Public number: Liaoyang No. 1 Vocational Technical College Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:24:15

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On the morning of March 30, 31 students from Gongchangling District Middle School came to visit our school, and our school's admissions office was responsible for the reception. 莉莉老师首先向这批有去职业学校学习愿望的学生介绍了我校基本情况和招生信息,帮助学生正确分析职业教育及就读职业学校的优势。 The admissions office teacher Su Lili first introduced the basic information and enrollment information of our school to those students who wish to study in vocational schools, to help students correctly analyze the advantages of vocational education and attending vocational schools. At the same time, feature films and campus culture films reflecting the results of our university's recent studies in higher education, employment, education, teaching, scientific research, and demonstration schools under construction were broadcast. Deepen the understanding and understanding of our school.

The admissions office teacher also led the students to visit the school studio, art studio, piano classroom, CNC workshop, mental health experience room, canteen, dormitory, electronics training room, accounting simulation room, computer room, dance classroom, and campus culture landscape. . Watching our school's characteristic inter-course running exercises, the visiting students truly understood and experienced our school's advanced teaching facilities and future development prospects of vocational education. At noon, the school provided a free lunch for visiting students, and the students praised our school's meals and the spacious restaurant.

During the visit and exchange, students raised questions about school fees, professional development, technical expertise, college entrance examinations, internship employment, and other comrades.

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This time the students visited our school to broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. They also gained a new understanding of the current vocational education, prepared them psychologically for future vocational schools, and also helped our school recruit this year. Laid a good foundation. (Admissions Office)

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